SGMW Baojun To Have a New SUV, First Spy Photo Exposed


We learned from relevant channels that SGMW Baojun is about to launch a new SUV model. This new SUV may be positioned in the compact or mid-size SUV.

According to the front face shape of the camouflage car, the air intake grille adopts a dot matrix grille design, which is closer to the style of the Baojun RS-5. Two chrome-plated strips are in the upper headlights, but narrow in height; the lamp group at the bottom of the head has a lens-like structure, we guess that the new car or will use the same split-style headlight design as the Baojun RS-5. The bottom of front end is equipped with front radar module, indicating that the car will be equipped with ACC adaptive cruise.

From the tail, the overall style of the new car is close to the traditional SUV shape, the posture is square, the C/D pillar have a large gap, and the storage capacity should be good. In the tail, the taillights adopt a design style similar to the Range Rover Evoque. The trunk has the letter “BAOJUN”. We will continue to pay attention to more information about new car.