SGMW Baojun Launches First Vehicle with HUAWEI HiCar Smart System


On December 29, SGMW Baojun released the world’s first mass-produced car RC-6 equipped with HUAWEI HiCar system in Shenzhen, the sacred place of Chinese Internet and technology companies. Many ecological partners such as Meituan, Baidu Cloud, Ctrip jointly created baojun’s “mobile smart space”.

At the press conference, baojun ’s first HUAWEI HiCar smart connected mass-produced production car – Baojun RC-6 was officially unveiled, and all Baojun products will be equipped with HUAWEI HiCar system from Mar. 2020. The Baojun equipped with HUAWEI HiCar smart interconnect products can fully connect with hundreds of millions of Huawei smart terminals and smart devices to achieve seamless interconnection.

HUAWEI HiCar smart interconnection solution can be understood as a complete set of human-vehicle-home all-scenario interconnection solution provided by Huawei for cars. It is also doing preliminary user analysis and technical preparation for the future “on board” of Hongmeng OS system. At the Huawei Developer Conference on August 9 2019, the debut of HUAWEI HiCar caused industry attention, especially its innovative features:

  1. Smart Connection;
  2. Resource Sharing;
  3. Seamless Experience.

Based on distributed technology, the new Baojun equipped with HUAWEI HiCar will implement a number of cool technologies, which will allow users to feel that all the hardware can be integrated into a super device, including the non-sense connection between the mobile phone and the car, remote control of the home with a single button in the car, fatigue detection of the camera in the car, ecological sharing of Android applications, schedule cards, and other users will be met successively.

In terms of technology implementation, HUAWEI HiCar’s distributed platform will be divided into two-step strategy in the vehicle field. The first step is HiCar Lite, the distributed platform will share mobile phones with traditional OS (Android / Linux, etc.) to make mobile phones It is possible to establish a pipeline with the car to share mobile phone applications and networks, which is also the current state of the system. The second part is HiCar Core, and mobile phones and vehicle cockpits will all be built on a distributed platform for resource sharing.

In addition, HUAWEI HiCar will also adopt a fully open strategy, actively participate in industry alliances, and work closely with major auto OEMs. It is reported that as of 2019, there are already hundreds of models of dozens of mainstream car companies including Volvo and Audi. It is determined that the HUAWEI HiCar system will be pre-installed or retrofitted in the future to bring users a better car experience. Just as in the field of communications, Huawei is also actively promoting the formulation and unification of mobile phone-vehicle interconnection industry standards. With the release of HUAWEI HiCar, it is reported that the new industry standards have entered the approval stage.