VW POLO Plus Launched in China Market, But Hard to Say It Is “All-New”

2019 VW POLO Plus China Spec

Speaking of VW POLO, this 44-year-old model has undergone five generations, the current POLO has been in China for eight years. On June 18, the new generation of VW Polo Plus was launched in Shanghai China, with price range of 99,900 yuan to 123,900 yuan (~US$14,530 – US$18,021) .

2019 VW POLO Plus China Spec

The new generation of Polo Plus has an overall increase in body size , it is the largest Polo in history. Its length, width and height are 4053mm / 1740mm / 1449mm. The wheelbase is extended 94mm reaching 2,564mm, and the room space is significantly improved.

The China Spec Polo Plus still use halogen headlight, and daytime running lights are not available for all models in China market.

The front face of Polo Plus maintain the same as overseas version, but the China-spec Polo Plus still use the old style halogen light source, while the overseas version has LED light source, and the beautiful LED daytime running lights on the overseas version are also not available on Polo Plus China spec.

The interior of Polo Plus is also similar to the overseas version, the Beats Audio, the 8 inch infotainment system, and the panoramic sunroof are all available, Polo Plus China spec also supports the Apple Carplay system. Anyway, Polo Plus China spec has only manual seat adjustment, manual air-conditioning for all models, as well as the instrument panel, it still uses mechanical instrument panel while the overseas version has already replaced with the full LCD instrument panel.

The new generation of Polo Plus built on Volkswagen Group’s MQB manufacturing platform, the new car introduces the Front Assist system (with AEB city active brake assist), and the MKB multiple collision prevention system, as well as ESP, fixed speed cruise, RKA + tire pressure monitoring, 6 airbag.

1.5-Liter aspirated engine

The all-new Polo Plus China spec is powered by a 1.5L aspirated engine which generate max. 83kW, the overseas 1.0-Liter turbo engine is not available in China spec at the moment. The transmission is matching with 6-AT gearbox, instead of the overseas 7-dual clutch.

The price of Polo Plus China spec starts at 99900 (~US$14,530) to 123900 yuan (~US$18,021), comparing to the price 77,900 yuan (~US$11,330) of 2018 VW Polo China spec, consumers need to pay 20,000 yuan to get a new Polo Plus in China.