SAIC-GM To Release 2020 Cadillac XT6 China Version, Powered by 2.0T Engine


We learned from SAIC-GM Cadillac that Cadillac XT6 China-spec will be officially launched on July 18 2019. The interior and exterior of the new car follows the same design as the overseas version. It is not only luxurious, but also has various technical configurations and security configurations, it is powered by a 2.0-L turbocharge variable cylinder engine. Price starts at 419,700 end at 549,700 yuan (~US$61,013 – US$79,912).

Cadillac debuted XT6 China version during 2019 Shanghai Auto Show in April, both appearance and interior are in line with 2020 Cadillac XT6 US-spec. Like the overseas version, Cadillac XT6 China-spec will also offer Premium Luxury & Sport version. Body size of XT6 China-spec is 5056/1964/1780mm and wheelbase of 2863mm which is slightly different with the 2020 XT6 US-spec.

In terms of interiors, the new car is also the same as the overseas version. The center console is based on black and covers a large area of leather. It is not only very high-grade, but also very delicate. There are also differences in the center console trims corresponding to the two versions. The Premium Luxury version is made of wood-grained plaque, while the Sport version is made of woven carbon fiber plaque.

The new car uses traditional dual dial + large color LCD screen design, although the 8-inch central control screen size is not large, but the configuration is quite rich, it has many functions including Apple CarPlay mobile phone mapping. The buttons on the two sides of the screen for automatic air conditioning are touch-sensitive. XT6 China-spec will also provide automatic parking, panoramic sunroof, second-gen streaming media rearview mirror, panoramic image, head-up display, night vision system, 6 USB ports, exclusive customized Bose Performance to audio system, etc..

In terms of seat layout, it features 6-seater (2+2+2), and it is expected to provide a 7-seat version of 2+3+2 in the future. The 6-seat model has a 160mm aisle in the middle of the second row (close to the GL8 aisle size) to allow passengers to enter and exit the third row. XT6 is equipped with second and third row seat electric folding function. The six-seat version of the first and second rows of four independent seats are comfortable and spacious.

Different with 2020 XT6 3.6L V6 engine released in US market, the XT6 China-spec is powered by a 2.0T variable-cylinder turbocharged engine with maximum power of 172kW(230hp) and peak torque of 350 Nm, which meets CN-6b emission standard, comparing to the 3.6L V6 engine (231kW, 310hp) in overseas version, the max. power of 2.0T is much lower. It is worth mentioning that this engine is equipped with Tripower variable valve management technology. The transmission system is matched with a 9-speed automatic transmission. In addition, the car is also equipped with an RTD adaptive suspension system.