Buick Electra-X concept car will make its world debut in early June


SAIC-GM, Buick‘s China company announced a few days ago that its pure electric concept SUV, the Buick Electra-X, will make its global debut on the 2022 Buick Brand Day in early June. It is also Buick’s first SUV concept car developed based on the Ultium electric vehicle platform.

Officially, the Buick Electra-X will adopt Buick’s new design language for the new era, simplifying complexity, with smooth styling and an efficient and transparent space layout.

Judging from the partial preview pictures of the two fronts, we can see that the shape of the headlights is very different from the existing Buick models, and the lines of the front part are simple and smooth. It is reported that the car will also be equipped with a new generation of Super Cruise driving system and a new generation of VCS intelligent cockpit.

In addition to Electra-X, Buick’s new flagship MPV-GL 8 CENTURY will also be unveiled on the same day. Buick said that this indicates the brand will further accelerate the transformation to electrification, intelligent networking, and high-end, and rejuvenate the brand’s vitality.