Baoneng Motor’s new product planning, a variety of new cars will be launched


Recently, at the mobilization meeting of Baoneng Motor Group’s New Year start, Baoneng Motor’s next new product plan was revealed. In the future, Baoneng Motor will mass-produce three key models, A3, GX16 and A6. At the same time, the first DS05 model will roll off the production line this year.

It is understood that the GX16 is the BAO GX5 model. The new car is expected to launch two variants, with a cruising range of 700 kilometers and 800 kilometers, and an acceleration time of 0-100km/h within 8 seconds and 4.5 seconds respectively.

Among them, the meeting also revealed that the Youbaoli A3 model is the top priority in the business plan. The Youbaoli brand is one of the three major passenger car brands under Baoneng Motor Group, focusing on small electric vehicles. The length, width and height of Youbaoli A3 are 2981/1509/1616mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 1940mm; its length and width are larger than that of Hongguang MINIEV, but the wheelbase of the two cars is the same. Youbaoli A3’s drive motor has a maximum power of 20kW, which is exactly the same as Hongguang MINIEV. In addition, the new car is equipped with a lithium iron phosphate battery pack from Guoxuan Hi-Tech. At present, Baoneng Automobile’s three major passenger car brands include BAO, Youbaoli(U-Belief) and Qoros.

Baoneng Motor Group Co., Ltd. was established in March 2017 and is headquartered in Shenzhen. It is a platform for the aggregation of vehicle resources and business development under Baoneng Group. The main business of Baoneng Group is real estate. In March 2017, Baoneng Motor was formally established. In January 2018, Baoneng Motor acquired a 51% stake in Qoros for 6.63 billion yuan, becoming the largest shareholder of Qoros. In May 2020, Baoneng Automobile acquired a 100% stake in Changan PSA.