Qoros Auto Debuted Qoros MILE II Concept Coupe on 2019 Shanghai Auto Show


At 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, Qoros Auto debuted its new concept car, Qoros MILE II, which is an upgrade version of the previous Qoros MILE 1 concept car. It represents the design language of the future of Qoros Auto, it also shows Qoros Auto’s understanding of new energy and automotive intelligent network.

Qoros MILE II concept car is a four-door coupe with a low and smooth body, blue painted body that looks futuristic. In the front part, the new car adopts a simple design with a large area of white color. The light group on both sides are small in size, the lower part is equipped with a C-shaped daytime running light, it is also equipped with a vertical air inlet. The lower air intake has a trapezoidal design for the cooling requirements of the powertrain and battery.

The side of Qoros MILE II concept car is very sporty, the four doors are designed with no door handles, the sloping C-pillars and frameless doors are matched with large-size two-color double-five-spoke rims to emphasize style of fashion and sportiness.

In the rear part, Qoros MILE II concept car adopts a strip-shaped red penetrating taillight group, light sources on both sides are five vertical light strips. The rear window is narrow and flat, forming a contrast with the thick rear surround. In the lower part of the tail, the new car is also equipped with two large gray panels, with a diffuser design at the bottom, making the tail shape more tension.

Through the large glass roof, we can look into the interior design of the new car. Qoros MILE II concept car features an enclosed cockpit with a simple center console design, a floating through-type largescreen, unconventional U-shaped steering wheel, a sci-fi floating lower center console, a high-wrapped sports seat and orange seat belt, looking avant-garde.