JAC Tojoy Review and Road Test – a High Cost-effective Car (4)


Interior Trimming – 2 –

Actually, the materials of Tojoy‘s very solid, there are no feelings like “light”, “thin”, “soft” at all, the assembly process is also very solid, after the author’s observation, touching and pressing, the entire center console and panels are not as loose as the other domestic cars. It should be said that JAC ‘s ability as a car maker is on the top in its own brand vehicles

The groove design behind outlet is very clever, you can place some small pieces of belongings.Round silver decorative outer window air-condition outlet is also very practical shape.

And other configurations are also both rich and user friendly: concealed glasses box, power outside mirrors, front / rear fog lamps, electric windows, multifunction switch, reading lamps, trunk lamp, anti-glare interior rear-view mirror and etc., the dual airbags, ABS + EBD, parking sensor, side air bags and other configuration greatly improves the Tojoy’s safety, have a lead with Tojoy has enough capital to lead independent brand development trend by the plentiful configuration.

TOJOY’s glove box is tiered design, the upper layer is suitable for put documents, CDs and etc.

Tojoy‘s seat is also a highlight point, not only the material is breathable fabrics, and feels good, it will be more comfortable in the long-distance driving. And also the chair is well packed, in medium comfort, it gives the body a strong support, it a sporty car seat!

The front seats seem a little weak, side support is good on its seat back, headrest is very big.

The first feeling is that the cabin space is allocated very good when I get in it, from the data, 2410mm’s long in wheelbase is quite satisfactory, but the space utilization is very reasonable, although it’s not as wide as B-class car, there is no congestion feeling.

From the data of 2410mm in wheelbase, TOJOY’s space is in center rules, the space is enough in back row by actual feeling, it will still remain space in the leg room and head room after a passenger with 168cm in height sit in it.

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