JAC Tojoy Review and Road Test – a High Cost-effective Car (5)


Power and Operation:

Tojoy 4G13 Engine

JAC Tojoy is used with the classic Mitsubishi 4G13 engine, it has variable valve timing feature and dual overhead camshafts (DOHC) structure, and meet the Euro IV emission standards, the displacement of the vehicle we test is 1.3L, maximum power is 69kW/6000rpm, the maximum torque can be up to 114N • m/4500rpm, in actual driving process, the power output is powerful and smooth, accelerator response is positive, although the displacement is 1.3L, it brings the feeling as a 1.5L displacement vehicle. There is not a significantly different while 1 person or 3 persons are sitting in it, acceleration time is almost the same, for the power is sufficient to meet most needs of the driver as a 1.3L displacement vehicle.

Tojoy Gear Level

The gearbox is a satisfactory place, 5-speed manual transmission feels very smooth while shifting, it seems it has been lubricated, you need only a slightly push then you may shift into gear position, there is no jerky feeling, and the clutch, brake, accel operation can be easily done, this is very similar to Japanese cars, it great emphasizes on the convenience of driver’s use.

Tojoy Side View

Tojoy‘s stability is very good when travelling, there is no floating sense even while it’s running in high speed, and the car doesn’t jolt when it’s driving in rough road, the car body does not feel very loose, these all must attribute to Tojoy‘s rear suspension, due to the dual-link independent suspension structure, the chassis feels very solid, roadholding, stability and control is improved by the suspension, especially the back row passengers feel more comfortable, At present, there is not to much car which adopts such a independent suspension.

Tojoy in Slalon Project

Tojoy adopts European highest standards of the nest Full-bearing body structure, it fully upgrade car body’s safety; the application of high strength steel is more than 30%, both reducing body weight and saving fuel, but also ensures the safety of body rigidity; Side outer plate stamped by single piece of steel plate, without welds, high strength, greatly improves the vehicle side crash safety; JAC Tojoy is the first to adopt the latest 8.1 version of Bosch ABS + EBD system which was only configured in luxury cars, the response time is only 0.02 -0.05 seconds, it sraises the overall active safety; to meet the European ECE pedestrian protection legislation, reducing the pedestrian’s injury index.

Tojoy in Slalon Project

Tojoy’s drag coefficient is 0.294, it is the lowest one in the same level car according to information (generally it is in the range of 0.28 to 0.4), although Tojoy is not a sports car, fuel consumption can be saved by the low drag coefficient.

Tojoy is running on road

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