JAC Refine S4 Might Be the Best Looking SUV Model In JAC Motors Family


Since the SUV market has been hot, many China car maker have also embarked on this route, trying to attract consumers’ attention through their own price and cost-effective advantages. Among them, JAC is a good representative. As early as 2014, the JAC Refine S3, which is positioned as a small SUV, was officially launched, the low price and high cost performance made it hot in sale.

However, JAC S3 also showed a downward trend, the reason is the quality control, the quality problems in the later period have broken out, the reputation has been greatly affected. From the current sales point of view, it has become a complete loser. In response to this situation, JAC Motors is not sitting still, the launch of JAC Refine S4 to try to save the sales

JAC S4 is slotting in above S3 and below S5, positioned in a compact SUV model. Price of JAC S4 starts at 67,800 end at 98,800 yuan (~US$9791 – US$14,267) in China market.

Best looking model from JAC family till now

JAC Motors, which has many years of experience in SUV manufacturing, has excellent experience for appearance design concepts, JAC S4 also incorporates fresh new family style with a high degree of recognition. Generally say the front face shape is the most colorful place for the whole car, the hexagonal chrome front grille, the sharp headlight combination can be described as high value, although compared with Geely Binyue and Changan CS35, it is a bit less amazing, it IS the best looking SUV model from JAC Refine family.

Positioned in the entry-level compact SUV, the body size of JAC S4 is believed to be not expected by many friends. The length, width and height are 4410/1800/1660mm. From this data we can intuitively see that it is completely the standard size of an entry-level compact SUV, the so-called advantages and highlights are simply not mentioned. In particular, the wheelbase is only 2620mm, it falls behind by comparing other players in the same segment, anyway it is enough to meet daily needs. In addition, the price advantage is the killer of JAC S4. Curb weight of S4 is 1325kg.

Interior is simple and stylish

In the interior part, JAC S4 replaced the traditional knobs and buttons such as air conditioner and volume adjustment buttons with a touch screen panel, there is also a large touch screen slotting in the central console area. From our actual experience, the touch screen panel and the above-mentioned central control floating display are still smooth in operation, and the only drawback is: this button touch panel always reflects sunlight whether sitting in the main driving or vice-drive in strong sunlight, which can easily lead to invisible button position and function.

In terms of infotainment system, JAC S4 is equipped with the latest generation of J-Link car networking system, voice recognition is the world’s first iflytek 3.5 system, compared with the current mainstream competing players, it has online massive HD video, real-time record sharing, mobile APP remote engine start, remote open air conditioning, remote monitoring, sound source positioning, scene free wake-up, one-button emergency rescue, etc. (This is only for China spec)

In terms of power, JAC S4 is powered by 1.5-liter turbocharged and 1.6L naturally aspirated four-cylinder engines, matching 6MT and CVT gearboxes. Among them, the 1.5T engine adopts a low inertia supercharger to improve the dynamic response, the maximum torque is 210N·m, and the maximum power is 110Kw (147hp). For the manual transmission models, it uses the industry’s most advanced Hall linear sensor, the ECU can select the most accurate clutch joint position in the linear signal according to the actual working condition, so as to give the speed and torque compensation at the most appropriate position, it greatly improves the starting performance.

JAC S4 is the first model from JAC Motors comprehensive application of Volkswagen VDA quality system. Under the guarantee of mass production, mass quality standards and public expert adjustment, the quality fully meets German automotive standards.