Haima Motor: Ready to Enter the Indian Automotive Market


According to some Chinese media reports, a spokesman for Haima Motor recently said: “Haima Motor is ready to enter the Indian automotive industry.” At present, Haima Motor is negotiating with the local government and is developing plans for the Indian market.

It is not the first time that the news of Haima’s efforts in the Indian market has been heard. Earlier news pointed out that Haima plans to show an SUV model and a new energy model in India in 2020. At that time, when media verified the above business progress with Haima Motor, the other party responded that the project was still under investigation.

A related spokesman for Haima Motor said that the company is conducting an in-depth market survey of the Indian market and is also discussing with the local government and component manufacturers to promote the entry of the Indian market and the implementation of related strategies. Haima Motor has established a partnership with Bird Electric, a subsidiary of India’s Bird Group. Bird Group is a distributor of BMW and MINI brands in the Indian market.

At present, Haima Motor is mainly selling new energy vehicles including Haima Aishang EV, Haima E3, Haima E5, and Familia E7. In the future, Haima Motor may launch a series of electric vehicle models based on the new modular platform of HMGA (Haima Global Architecture). With the cooperation with Bird Electric, Haima’s new models will be debuted at the Indian Auto Show in February 2020.

In recent years, more and more Chinese car companies have opened the road to overseas deployment. According to the official website of Haima Motor, the company has achieved vehicle export in more than 20 countries and regions such as Egypt, Chile, the Philippines, and Vietnam, and has built KD (component assembly) factories along the “Belt and Road”. On this basis, India may be another overseas market that it is actively promoting.

In fact, as the Chinese auto market enters a low-growth stage, India is becoming more and more important and has become another major market for major car companies. Many Chinese brands are also entering the market, including SAIC, Great Wall Motor, Chery Automobile, and Changan Automobile Both have been rumored to vigorously explore the Indian market. At the same time, overseas business models have also expanded from vehicle exports to deeper levels of local assembly and technical cooperation.