Haima Motor Set Up New Company To Strengthen New Energy Market


Recently, Haima Motor‘s Qingyan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (Qingyan New Energy) was formally established. According to the registered information, Qingyan New Energy has a registered capital of 200 million yuan. Its main business scope is new energy technology development; technical services for new energy vehicles and accessories; auto parts, packaging materials, electronic products, electromechanical equipment, automobiles, etc. Sales.

According to the announcement Haima Motor (listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange), Haima Motor will invest in the establishment of Qingyan New Energy with Haima (Shenzhen) Capital Management Co., Ltd. (also a wholly-owned subsidiary of Haima Motor). The stock ratio structure of Qingyan New Energy is: Haima Motor holds 51%, Haima (Shenzhen) Capital Management Co., Ltd. holds 49%.

Haima Motor said that new energy vehicles have increasingly become the dominant direction of the development of the Chinese automotive industry with the implementation of national energy conservation and environmental protection and other related policies. The establishment of Qingyan New Energy will expand Haima’s new profit growth point and will play a positive role in Haima Motor’s technological innovation and sales growth of new energy vehicles. The establishment of Qingyan New Energy means that Haima Motor will continue to exert its strength in the field of new energy vehicles.

Haima E3 EV

According to the June production and sales report issued by Haima Motor, the cumulative sales of Haima Motor in the first half of this year was 14,425 units, down 65.16% year-on-year, of which, the sales of new energy vehicles were not disclosed in detail. However, according to statistics from CPCA, the sales of Haima Motor’s EV are not many.