This is 2019 Haval F5 from Great Wall Motor


If the past SUV design is more mature and stable, then the car design will begin to transform into younger when young consumers becomes the main market. Great Wall Motor Haval brand also followed the trend. The Haval F5, which is aimed at young consumers, was launched. Can this new car really attract the attention of current young consumers?

Wenfei, deputy general manager of GWM Sales Co., and No. 1 product manager of Haval F series, used the “Cube of F” to summarize the core concept of Haval F series: “One time is fun, it is the image label of Haval F series, the young attitude is the product empowerment; the second party is the fashion, which is the design label of the Haval F series, it is the design language of the trend of the times; the third party is the future, which is the technology label of the Haval F series, and belongs to the intelligent technology of the future car. ”

Body size of Haval F5: 4470/1857/1638mm, the wheelbase is 2680mm, it is positioned in a compact SUV which is similar to Haval H6.

The Haval F5 adopts a new design style. The popular big mouth grille and sharp LED headlights can be found on the front face, plus the tension lines design, the front face looks very sharp.

It is also worth mentioning that Haval F5’s light group also uses split design, the fog lights are placed at the bottom, the middle is the turn signal lights, the top is the daytime running lights and the far and near integrated headlights.

The rear end is simple and very similar to Haval H6 red badge version.

In addition to the visual effects that distinguish between F5 and H6, Haval F5’s exhaust pipe is also easily identifiable. In addition to the left and right exhaust pipes, there are three inverted trapezoidal decorations in the middle, which looks like five exhaust, which is also the most obvious difference from Haval H6 at the tail.

The first glance of Haval F5’s interior is sports and technology, and the workmanship continues the high grade. The red and black interior colors and the air-conditioning vents are also decorated with red plaques, which are sporty. Soft materials are used above the center console and below the window, while matte material is used for the touch area of the center console.

Haval F5’s air conditioning control buttons use the piano buttons, although it seems very simple, but the requirements for workmanship is extremely high, in addition to the feedback of the button, the button sound is also very important, otherwise it will affect the whole texture of the interior.

The flat-bottom steering wheel is one of the best ways to highlight the sports sense. The popular 12.3-inch LCD instrument panel can also be found on this car, the display effect is also very clear and rich. However, this configuration is only available on higher trim level two models.

In addition to the area controlled by the piano buttons, most of the other functions are integrated on this 9-inch large screen, built-in Unicom 4G network module, supporting 20 million online music playback and 100,000 online FM radio stations. It also provides high-definition online navigation, exclusive human seats and road rescue functions. (This is function on China spec)

Taking into account the handling during driving, Haval F5 also supports the operation of the knob behind the gear lever.

Haval F5 is also equipped with the Haval Internet 3.0 system, which also supports the current popular remote vehicle control, online services and intelligent voice interaction systems, which is also very attractive for young people.

In configurations, auto hold, 235/60 R18 rims, cruise control, uphill assist, automatic parking, steep slope relief, keyless entry and start, 9-inch large screen and automatic air conditioning are standard configurations,

The top model has parallel auxiliary system, lane departure warning system, panoramic camera, panoramic sunroof, full LCD instrument, interior ambient lamp and rear view mirror heating lamp.

In the power section, Haval F5 has combination of 1.5T+7 wet double clutches, and the chassis is front McPherson / rear double wishbone independent suspension, the same as Haval H6. The maximum power is 124kW(166hp) and the peak torque is 285N·m. Haval F5 is also equipped with variety of driving modes.

Price of Haval F5 starts at 10,200 end at 136,000 yuan (~US$14,732 – US$19,643) in China market.