Great Wall Motor Launched 2019 Haval H6 in China Market


We learned from the Haval official website that 2019 Haval H6 was officially launched. The new car has launched a total of eight models, with a price range of 98,000-136,000 yuan (~US$14172 – US$19,668). 2019 Haval H6 continues the design of the current model, mainly replaced with electronic shift lever and shift paddles, and replacing the engine that meets China VI emission standard. The price is 2,000 yuan more than the old model.

2019 Haval H6 still adopts the shape of the trapezoidal intake grille, the interior is filled with five- banner chrome strips, the headlights on both sides are still in the horizontal design, the bottom is the eye-catching fog lights, which is angular but the details are round.

Haval H6 Red Badge
Haval H6 Blue Badge

Haval H6 is the hot and popular model from Great Wall Motor. In the past several years, Haval H6 has two different badge, the blue and red badge, the main difference between the red and blue badge was mainly indicated on the front face. According to the official statement, the red badge focused on luxury and multi-purpose, positioning the mainstream households; the blue badge tends to be fashionable and technological, positioning young people. However, in the Chinese market, most consumers choose the red badge Haval H6, sales of blue badge H6 are general, the current blue badge H6 has been discontinued in China

Latest black Haval badge

The red and blue badge strategy was launched in April 2015. However, on March 12, 2019, the Haval H7/H7L’s listing was completely changed to black badge, the latest Haval H6 has also used the black badge.

2019 Haval H6 still maintains muscular waistline design. The rear end, Haval H6 is designed with horizontal taillight set, but the rear end is generally simple, with a silver-gray matte shield on the bottom with bilateral two exhaust.

This is the 2019 Haval H6, the main changes is the electronic gear lever and the full LCD dashboard
This is the 2018 Haval H6

In the interior, 2019 Haval H6 still maintains the design of the current model. It has a driver-focused central console display, it adds the shift paddles behind the multi-function four-spoke steering wheel. The central control area is equipped with an independent touch screen, which greatly reduces the physical buttons. The lower area is air conditioner control buttons and knob area. The biggest change in the entire interior is that the new car is replaced with an electronic shift lever, as well as the full LCD dashboard, which looks more technical.

In terms of power, 2019 Haval H6 is powered by 1.5T/2.0T engine +7-speed dual-clutch gearbox that meets China VI emission standard. The 1.5T engine has maximum power of 120kW(160hp). For reference, the current 2.0T engine has maximum power of 145 kW(194hp) and peak torque of 345 Nm.