Haval H6 Undergoes Comprehensive Upgrade to Regain Its Peak


Once a household name in the SUV market, the Haval H6 from Great Wall Motors once set a record of 80,000 units sold in a single month on the Chinese market, earning it the title of “Chinese national car” . However, as the competition in the Chinese automotive market has intensified, its sales have declined significantly, now hovering around 10,000 to 20,000 units. In order to regain its peak, the all-new Haval H6 has received a comprehensive upgrade.

Exterior Design

The all-new Haval H6 has undergone major changes at the front. The front grille has been further enlarged and adopts an inverted trapezoidal design, filled with a matrix of square blocks to enhance the three-dimensionality of the front.

The front headlight assembly is connected to the grille, widening the horizontal visual effect of the front. The headlights are officially named “Shining Star” and are composed of 54 LED lamp beads. The low beam can illuminate for over 110 meters, and the high beam can illuminate for 190 meters.

The entire lamp group adopts a cascading layout, and the daytime running lights are composed of 6 LED lamp beads. Compared with the previous generation, the size is larger, and the overall design is more consistent with the shape of the new car.

Side Design

From the side, the new-gen Haval H6 still looks very compact. The flowing lines and the front-low, rear-high body posture make the car look more sporty. In addition, there is a black decorative strip around the windows to further enhance the sporty atmosphere.

As a family-oriented SUV, the new-gen Haval H6 has a body length of 4703mm, a width of 1886mm, a height of 1730mm, and a wheelbase of 2738mm. Compared with the previous generation, the size is larger in all dimensions, and the wheelbase is also increased by 53mm, providing more space for the interior.

The style of the wheels is very sharp, and they are also blackened, which is more coordinated with the roof rack and side skirts. The wheel size is 225/55 R19, and the tires are chosen from Kumho, which is more than enough for a family car.

Rear Design

The biggest change at the rear is mainly reflected in the taillights. The new generation Haval H6 cancels the bar-type taillight design, and the split taillights are officially named “Star Trail Wings”. This angular shape is much more fashionable.

The taillights are composed of 124 LED lamp beads on each side and 248 LED lamp beads on both sides. When lit up at night, the recognition is extremely high. In the middle of the taillights on both sides is the new car’s LOGO, which has a stronger overall sense. In addition, the exhaust system of the new generation Haval H6 adopts a hidden layout, which enhances the sense of refinement.


According to the parameters of the nameplates, the new car will still have two versions to choose from, 1.5T and 2.0T, but the parameters have been improved compared to the current model. Specifically, the maximum power of the 1.5T engine has been increased to 130kW, while the maximum power of the 2.0T engine has been increased to 170kW.

Overall Impression

From the design of the exterior alone, the new generation Haval H6 has changed significantly, giving it a refreshing look. Although the overall shape is still family-oriented, the integration of more trendy elements makes the car look much younger. If you are interested in this car, you may wish to pay attention to it. We will continue to follow up on more news about the new car.