Haval H6 Review: Appearance, Interior and Room


Haval H6 is the main model of the Haval brand from Great Wall Motors (GWM). It was first listed in 2011. Haval H6 is always the annual sales champion in China market in recently years, it also entered the overseas market. Many friends want to know why this SUV is so hot in China, with a lot of curiosity, we got a new Haval H6 red badge 2.0T AT (note 1) for test and review, the official price is 139,800 yuan, we will show you how exactly Haval H6 is in the aspect of trim level, workmanship review and test drive.


2019 Haval H6 Blue Badge

Haval H6 has blue and red badge, there is no difference in configuration and power combination, but the “face” is not the same. The red badge Haval H6 is a big “mouth” shape, while the blue badge is a small “mouth” shape.

The high trim level models use the Xenon headlights, while the base model use halogen headlights.

The Haval H6 measures 4600/1860/1720 mm and wheelbase of 2680 mm, wheelbase is much similar to Honda CRV or Toyota RAV4, it is a compact SUV.

The rear end of the car looks sporty, the shape of the tailgate is interesting, the trunk lid and the trunk lock are split.

The cargo space is not very large.


Interior design of Haval H6 is very good and technical. At least we think the interior level is not worse than WEY VV7, it is not worse than the joint venture brand if we blocking the badge.

Leather wrapped four-spoke steering wheel is good in texture, anyway the buttons on steering wheel is not very logical. It also equips with paddle shifting, to be honest, as a family SUV, is paddle shifting really meaningful?

The instrument panel of the Haval H6 we test is still a traditional mechanical instrument panel with only a small LCD screen in the center.

The lower left part of the steering wheel is the function button area. there is red ambient light in the car, but its unable to change color. Of course, the blue badge Haval H6’s ambient light is blue.

The central console display and operation buttons are driver-focused which is user-friendly.

The reversing image is clear, there are auxiliary lines, anyway it doesn’t have 360-degree image.

The switch button of auto start-stop is not a physical button, but “hidden” in the menu of the central control system.

The air conditioning air outlet at the co-pilot position is one-piece.

There is a set of physical buttons below the central control screen, such as air conditioning control buttons and parking assist button.

Haval H6 offers an electronic shift lever that is more textured

There are function control buttons behind the electronic gear lever. Among them, the sport mode switch button and auto hold button.

Haval H6 is equipped with a panoramic sunroof.


Haval H6’s seat has a leather wrap, but it only provides seat heating, seat ventilation is not available.

An air conditioning vent is provided in the rear row, but it’s unable to adjust temperature. central floor hump is not so big.

The rear space is not bad, mainly because the trunk is shortened, so it provides larger rear room for such a wheelbase-of-only-2.68m vehicle.

The rear row seat can also be fold down by splitting into a 40/60 ratio, and the seat back has two-level adjustment.

At present, Haval H6 offers 1.3T, 1.5T and 2.0T engines. The new model is matched with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox, the some old models are still 6-speed manual transmissions.

Note 1: The Haval H6 we tested is a 2017 Haval H6 China Spec.