GWM’s Flagship SUV: 2020 Facelift Haval H9 Listed in China, Featuring Tank Turn & Crawl Control


GWM’s flagship SUV model, the 2020 Haval H9 was officially listed in Inner Mongolia on the evening of August 10th, 2020 Haval H9 is facelift model, Havel H9 facelift was first unveiled on 2019 Shanghai Auto Show. The new car has been adjusted in appearance, highlights such as “Tank Turn”, Crawl Control functions are featured on the new car. The chassis features front/rear differential lock and central multi-plate clutch, the meets the CN-6 emission standard. The price range is 209,800-272,800 yuan (~US$29,711 – US$38,633)

From the appearance, the main changes of the 2020 Haval H9 are concentrated in the front face. In terms of details, the new car is fitted with a new grille, the new grille chrome trim seems stronger, the interior is double-shaped. It also changed a new front bumper that looks more refined than the old model.

Body size of 2020 Haval H9: 4856mm(5090mm)/1926mm/1900mm, wheelbase of 2800mm
2020 Haval H9 features electric pedal, the pedal will pop up automatically each time when door opens

In addition to the changes in the front face, the safety configuration of the vehicle has also been improved. In addition to the 360° panoramic image, the vehicle features lane keeping assistance, traffic sign recognition, and automatic emergency braking with pedestrian recognition.

Compared with the update of the appearance, the interior has not been changed too much. The workmanship and materials still meet the level in this segment, but the style is not much better than the many opponents who are now taking a simple and younger route.

The 5-seat version also features a 5-inch touch screen in the rear row that allows the rear passengers to control multimedia, sunroof and more.
Infotainment display changes from 8-inch to 9-inch, interfaces are also redesigned

The new Haval H9 puts most of its energy into the configuration upgrade. First, the dashboard of the vehicle has been redesigned, although the LCD panel is not used, the instrument on the left and right sides is integrated with the central LCD screen, the visual effect is very good. The size of the central control screen has increased from 8-inch to 9-inch, At the same time, it supports voice control, and supports functions such as car networking and remote control, as well as OTA upgrade.

2020 Haval H9 also supprots L2 autopilot driving sysytem:

In terms of power system, the 2020 Haval H9 is powered by a retuned 2.0T gasoline engine that meets CN-6 emission standards. Its maximum power is 224 horsepower and peak torque of 385 N.m. The rear axle features a new electronically controlled differential lock, while the front axle adds a differential lock and a central multi-plate clutch differential with lock-up function (the official called it the central two-speed TOD differential). In addition, the new car also features the CCO (Crawl Control) low-speed off-road cruising and steering assist braking, as well as the “Tank Turn” function.

2020 Haval H9 Off-Road Performance:

History of Haval H9

GWM’s Haval H9 was first launched on November 3, 2014. The large size SUV matched with the good off-road capability opened a good beginning for development of Chinese high-end SUV models. However, the problem of the gearbox that broke out later was fatal. Although Haval upgraded the faulty vehicles in time, the reputation of Haval H9 was ruined. In the continuous update iteration, Haval H9 has upgraded the power and configuration, and the new 2020 Havel H9 listed today will be the last change before the replacement.