Facelift Haval H9 Made its Debut on 2019 Shanghai Auto Show

2019 Haval H9

Haval H9 is the flagship SUV model from Great Wall Motor, the current on-sale H9 model in China market is still the 2017 H9, after two year, the facelift 2019 Haval H9 unveiled on 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, the 2019 Haval H9 is mainly refreshed on front face, the new car is replaced with a new grille, the new grille chrome trim is sturdier, bumper is also refreshed that looks more refined than the old model. In terms of details, the interior shape of the new car’s light group will also be adjusted.

This is the 2017 Haval H9 in China market

In addition, the full LED headlights have also kept pace with the times, the taillights have also upgraded with a new style.

From the declaration information of recent official website of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology(CHINA MIIT), 2019 Haval H9 is powered by a new 2.0T engine that meets the national-VI(CN6) emission standard, engine code name GW4C20B.

The maximum power is 165kW, although it is lower than the GW4C20 engine on the current model, but its torque reaches 385N·m (the former one is 355 Nm), the body-on-frame, central multi-plate clutch type limited slip differential structure, can still be guaranteed with the clutch-type limited-slip differential structure as well as the four-wheel electronic limited slip assisted four-wheel drive system, the off-road performance can still be guaranteed

Moreover, the engine can reach the peak torque of 385 N·m at 1800 rpm, so the engine has a stronger explosive force and a faster start response.

The chassis suspension uses a combination of front double wishbone independent suspension + rear multi-link non-independent suspension. The direct benefit of this combination is to ensure the stability, strength and comfort of the vehicle.

In addition, 2019 Haval H9 can also offers sunroof, electric side pedal and rim

In terms of body size,2019 Haval H9 keeps the same as 5090mm (including spare tire), 1926mm and 1900mm, and the wheelbase is 2800mm. It is still available in 5 and 7-seat layout. Curb weight is 2357kg