Badge Engineered Geely Xingyue? Lynk & Co 05 To Be Released Soon, One More Coupe SUV From Geely

Geely Lynk & Co 05

We obtained from the MIIT China that a set of Geely Lynk & Co 05’s declaration images, Lynk & Co 05 is built on the CMA platform, positioned in a compact SUV and adopting the current popular coupe style.

Lynk & Co 05 followed the Lynk & Co family design, but use fast back coupe style. Currently, Lynk & Co has launched two SUV models, 01 and 02, as well as the performance cars Lynk & Co 03 series,

The appearance has changed through several models, from the initial criticism, and gradually accepted, it has formed its own style. Now Lynk & Co 05 goes with coupe style crossover, as coupe SUV is current very hot in China market, many Chinese auto maker have launched their coupe SUV, such as Haval F7x from GWM, Changan CS85 COUPE, Geely Xingyue.

Lynk & Co 05 will be released at the end of June 2019. The new car will be positioned in a compact coupe SUV with a more aggressive design. It is available in a variety of rims and car color trims and will provide 1.5T/2.0T(Lower/Higher-powered version).

Lynk & Co 01

The overall shape of Lynk & Co 05 is continued with the style design language of Lynk & Co series, especially the front face is very similar to Lynk & Co 01, which is highly brand-recognizable. In terms of appearance, the headlights at the top have been adjusted, it look more three-dimensional, the bar-style honeycomb grille combined with the exaggerated air intake below, looks more aggressive.

The fast-back design of Lynk & Co 05 is very dynamic, the black roof and blackened mirrors are full of personality, the yellow embellished side windows and sport wheels make it look younger, body size of Lynk & Co 05 is 4592/1879/1628mm and the wheelbase is 2734mm. Curb weight:1788kg

At the rear end, the overall line is more complicated. The granule-shaped taillights are connected to bar-style black plaque. The bilateral double exhaust pipe layout also further highlights the positioning of a young and sporty vehicle.

According to the declaration information, Lynk & Co 05 provides a two-color body, multi-color side window trim, multi-color hub, and front and rear radars, depending on the configuration. Optional configurations include openable panoramic sunroof, panoramic camera, front and rear radar, keyless entry. In terms of tire size, the new car will offer 235/55 R18, 235/50 R19, 235/45 R20.

Lynk & Co 05 will be powered by a 1.5T turbocharged engine model “JLH-3G15TD” and a 2.0T(Lower/Higher-powered version) turbocharged engine model “JLH-4G20TD”, offers three power version, the maximum power is 132/140/175kW respectively. This time, it the engine of the model “JLH-4G20TDC” was exposed, providing excellent performance of 187kW, this should be the highest power version on Lynk & Co 05. Transmission will be matched with a 6AT or 7DCT gearbox.

Geely Xingyue Front End

Lynk & Co 05 continues the design philosophy of Lynk & Co family in terms of appearance. From the data reported, it is similar to Lynk & Co 01, but the positioning of its coupe SUV has more topics with the just launched Geely Xingyue. One of the topics is rebadging, the two cars are from the same CMA platform, the detail design has a lot in common, especially the size and power system are almost identical.

Geely Xingyue Rear End

In terms of size, Lynk & Co 05 is 4592/1879/1628mm, wheelbase of 2734mm and Geely Xingyue (4605/1878/1643mm, wheelbase 2700mm), the difference of wheelbase is only 34mm。 The two cars will not be different in many cases based under the same CMA platform architecture. The topic of “Lynk & Co 05 is the rebadging Geely Xingyue” seems the truth, anyway, although they have based on the same platform, the driving experience and the luxury of the interior on Lynk & Co 05 have to be further improved, Lynk & Co brand positioned above the Geely conventional model, and it is bound to pull out the gap in the chassis adjustment, handling, interior trim and texture.

The same is the market price, price of Lynk & Co 05 will also be far from Geely Xingyue. The starting price of Geely Xingyue is 135,800 yuan in China market, the starting price Lynk & Co 01 is 150,000 yuan, there is no reason price of Lynk & Co 05 will be lower than Lynk & Co 01 and Xingyue, so we guess price of Lynk & Co 05 will start at least from 160,000 yuan.

Lynk & Co 05 will be released at the end of June 2019 in Geely’s spring & summer conference. We will bring you more detailed information about this model then.