Test Drive Geely Xingyue Coupe SUV Review


Geely Xingyue is the first model under Geely CMA architecture, positioned as a compact coupe SUV. In our impression, Geely’s models launched in recent years always have “redefined” by their new car, including the earliest Geely Borui, and later Geely Jiaji, Binyue and the all-electric Geely Jihe A, LYNK & CO 01, 03 and so on. For Geely Xingyue, there are quite a few points to establish a Chinese brand coupe SUV benchmark model.

For comprehensive performance of a model, the platform architecture plays a decisive role like gene. Developed by Volvo and Geely, geting together top automotive engineering and R&D talent from 25 countries around the world to develop CMA infrastructure module. Previously adopted CMA architecture models are the LYNK & CO 01, 02 and 03, Geely Xingyue is the first model in the Geely family to adopt the CMA architecture.

As a coupe SUV, whether “sporty” is definitely one of the important considerations, but if only looks sporty in appearance, flashy, how many people will be willing to buy? By taking the opportunity of the first test drive, let’s take a look at how the performance of Geely Xingyue is.

This test drive experience was carried out at the Bosch (Donghai) Automotive Testing Technology Center. It mainly experienced the acceleration performance, stability, braking and sound insulation at speeds of 80km/h or below. As for the handling performance under extreme conditions, we will have chance to talk later.

Geely Xingyue has a total of three power combinations. The model of this test drive is equipped with “2.0TD+Aisin 8AT” , labeling “350T” at tail. Among them, the model for testing 0-100km/h acceleration performance is a four-wheel drive version.

0-100km/h Acceleration Time Test

There are some differences in the performance due to the different experience batches, site temperature and test drive vehicles. The best performance of 0-100km/h acceleration time was only 6.7s, which is 0.1s faster than the officially announced 6.8s.

From the point of view of the acceleration experience, it has quite obvious “push into seat” feeling at starting stage while deeply stepping on both brake and throttle to “launch control”. Also it has obvious front end lifting-up feeling, this is because the front and rear suspensions are not particularly adjusted too firm, the chassis is more comfortable for transporting people. However, the all-wheel drive system can distribute the power to each wheel very well, and the tire does not slip at 3000 rpm.

In addition, during the acceleration process, the matching between the engine and the gearbox was done well, the timing of shifting is well adjusted, the power output is stable and the shifting is smooth, the noise and vibration are very small. It is reported that the Aisin 8AT gearbox has a very wide speed ratio performance on Geely Xingyue, it is greater than 7.8, it can be shifted up to highest gear above 80 km/h.

Steering Precision

Geely Xingyue uses the DP-EPS rack-type electronic power steering, the material used is high-strength cast aluminum, the transmission ratio reaches 15.7. In other words, when it passes the same corner, the steering wheel of Geely Xingyue will have less turn than other models, it is more suitable for intense driving. In addition, under the cooperation of BorgWarner four-wheel drive system and high-performance tires, the steering wheel is precise.

It is worth noting that the steering wheel of the four-wheel drive version has a perforated leather package at 3 or 9 o’clock, and the feel is quite good. A breathable perforated leather as well as non-slip flat steering wheel allows you to gain confidence during driving.


Chassis layout of Geely Xingyue: front McPherson & rear multi-link independent suspension structure of CMA architecture, which is the same as LYNK & CO 01 and Volvo XC40 that comes from the same platform. However, Geely Xingyue’s suspension adjustment tends to daily driving comfort.

Although the center of gravity has been reduced as much as possible, Geely Xingyue is a SUV model. It had gotten excess body roll when it was cornering at high speed.

Obviously, Geely considered much more about the road condition in China and family use market, so the suspension tuning is not as sporty as we expected, but it is comfort-oriented vehicle suspension design. However, we think that as a coupe SUV with high-performance power combination, the suspension system should be more firm or sportier.

Noise Control & Braking

In addition to the performance experience, Geely Xingyue is also good at noise control, the wind noise, road noise and engine noise are effectively isolated in speek of 80km/h. In addition, there is almost no pungent odor inside the car.

The actual braking distance from 100-0km/h is only 35.47m, this performance has reached a very high standard for a SUV. However, it will occasionally slightly fishtail when vehicle is heavily braked, It should be related to relatively high air humidity as well as the wet road surface during test driving. Fortunately, the car body will be corrected soon without affecting the route and safety.

Please check here about the appearance and interior of Geely Xingyue: