Personnel Changes, Honda China Bid Farewell to 10 Years China Veteran


On February 19th, Honda made an official announcement about the retirement of the Honda executive director and China minister Mizuno Yasuhide, which will take effect from April 1st this year. MizunoYasuhide will be stepping down as China’s director and take up a new role as the director of Honda headquarters automotive business.

European Regional Director Inoue Katsushi and current Honda Executive Director will handle the post of Honda’s executive director from 1st April 2020 onwards, and replace MizunoYasuhide as general manager of Honda Technology Research Industry (China) Investment Co., Ltd., head of Honda China, and General Manager of Honda Technology Research (China) Co., Ltd.

Honda to Bid Farewell to Decades of China Veteran in Automobile Industry

As per the reports in public news, Mizuno Yasuhide started his term as general manager of Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd. in April 2010 and later he became Honda Giken Industry Co., Ltd.’s executive director, and general manager of GAC-Honda Automobile Co., Ltd. in April 2014.

As per the motor vehicle insurance data, during 10 years of MizunoYasuhide, the sales in Honda China in the Chinese market has been increased from 530,000 in 2011 while the terminal sales in China in the year 2015 was 1.553 million which increased by 12.22% every year.

Previously, Mizuno Yasuhide revealed how 2020 is going to be a year in which Honda China will challenge the set target and exceed 1.55 million sales in the Chinese market in 2019. Have a look at the chart below:

Honda to Bid Farewell to Decades of China Veteran in Automobile Industry

Inoue Katsushi joined Honda in 1986. He became head of the European region of Honda and executive director in April 2016. The public relations department’s head in Honda China told us about the personnel change is a regular part of Honda and it will not have any effect on development and subsequent layout in the Chinese market.