Honda CR-V To Have a Sibling in China: The BREEZE Will Be Introduced By GAC-Honda Soon


In the Chinese car market, many joint venture automakers are using the two-car strategy, Honda is one of them. Honda has two joint ventures in China, the GAC (Guangzhou Automobile Motor Corporation) Honda and Dongfeng Honda, they have many sibling models, such as Accord and INSPIRE, Crider and Envix, VEZEL and XR-V, AVANCIER and UR-V. However, in the segment of compact SUV, there is only Honda CR-V is currently available from Dongfeng-Honda in Chinese market, so GAC-Honda has recently stepped up its efforts to fill this gap.

Recently, China MIIT just exposed the GAC-Honda’s “CR-V”, this vehicle has the same position as the CR-V, it will be named BREEZE. This news has caused a lot of Chinese consumer attention and discussion, but most of the sounds are good, because the appearance of Honda BREEZE looks more sporty and atmospheric.

By comparison, the family design language of Honda BREEZE in appearance is very obvious, the decorative strips at the badge are exactly the same as the Honda Accord, the headlights are also flattened and the internal light cavity structure is also a winged family design, the front air intake grille has a top and bottom layered design, the fog light area and the side air intake grille also adopt a layered design, the layered design makes the front face of Honda BREEZE look more stereoscopic and younger.

The side of Honda BREEZE has a large number of blackened designs, including the hub, taillight side, side window trim, side panel trim and side skirts are all blackened, but the side window trim and hub are optional. Smoked black is undoubtedly a very young design style, but in addition to the large-scale blackened design, it can also be a little stable.

The overall layout of Honda BREEZE rear end is unconventional, with no extra design, simple and generous. The slender taillights and the slender strip bar above the bumper make the overall rear view more spacious. The bilateral exhausts are hexagonal, and they are younger and more refined.

BREEZE’s length, width and height are respectively 4634/1855/1689mm, the wheelbase is 2660mm, the body length is 49mm longer than CR-V, and the wheelbase is also slightly increased by 1mm. In terms of wheels, BREEZE is available in 17-inch and 19-inch sizes with tire sizes of 235/65 R17 and 235/55 R19.

The interior of Honda BREEZE has not yet been announced, but the powertrain of BREEZE is now available. The BREEZE will be powered by a 1.5T engine with maximum power of 143kW (the rear trunk letter “240TURBO”), this is the same on the Honda CR-V.

In terms of configuration, Honda BREEZE offers long strip front fog lamps, B-pillar/C-pillar bright black window, wheel eyebrow/door/back bump bright black trim, front radar, rear radar, bright black mirror housing , right outer mirror with camera, black rim, panoramic sunroof and other configurations. In addition, Honda’s latest autopilot technology and multimedia interconnection system are also likely to be mounted on Honda BREEZE.

Like Honda’s other sibling models, the Honda Breeze will be the China-only model. The official declared to release Honda BREEZE on 26th Aug. 2019 and expect to be launched with 2019.