Acura to bid farewell to the Chinese market


On March 4, according to recent Chinese media’s reports, the Japanese luxury car brand Acura is about to bid farewell to the Chinese market, and the brand’s dealers will also withdraw.

According to reports, starting from 2021, Acura has successively stopped the imported car and sedan business in the Chinese market. Some dealers said that the production of Acura models has been discontinued in China. Currently, the 4S stores are still selling the stock vehicles produced last year, and they are waiting for the final notice from the manufacturer to withdraw from the Chinese market. In the future, the repair and maintenance of Acura vehicles will be undertaken by the Guangzhou Automobile Honda (GAC-Honda) 4S shop, which will not be affected by the withdrawal of the brand.

It is worth mentioning that Acura’s various social official accounts in China are still being updated. Yesterday, Acura’s official public account also updated the order information for the Acura RDX Titanium Dark Night Limited Edition model.

The model was launched in September 2021, limited to 500 units, with an exclusive custom code, and the price range is 366,000-396,000 yuan. And now the model has been on the market for nearly half a year, which means that these 500 limited-edition Acura RDXs have not yet been sold.

According to data, Acura was founded in the United States in 1986. It is a high-end car brand under Honda Motor and the first Japanese luxury car brand.

Data shows that the Acura brand only sold about 6,000 new cars in China last year, down nearly 50% year-on-year. The annual sales of the two main models, CDX and RDX, did not exceed 3,000 units.

Acura entered the Chinese market relatively late, and its brand recognition is not high. Later, although it was under the management of GAC Honda in China, the advantages and resources of GAC Honda in marketing also failed to drive the development of the Acura brand. As the Chinese vehicle market has entered the stock market in recent years, these “niche brands” have become less concerned, and their sales have declined year by year, and eventually they will be forced to withdraw.