Dongfeng’s High-end EV Brand VOYAH Hits Norway Market


Dongfeng Motor’s high-end electric vehicle sub-brand VOYAH has launched its brand in Norway. The first model, VOYAH FREE, will be unveiled overseas and is expected to be delivered to Norwegian users in the fourth quarter of this year. At the same time, the first overseas VOYAH Space (store) in Klingenbergata, the center of Oslo, Norway, opened simultaneously.

Lu Fang, CEO & CTO of VOYAH, said: “As a high-end new energy brand launched by Dongfeng Motor Group globally, VOYAH is committed to bringing products that perfectly integrate driving performance and intelligent technology to the world, and actively shaping the global influence of Chinese brands. The opening of the first VOYAH Space in Northern Europe is the first step for VOYAH to enter the global market. As the first new energy national team to go overseas, VOYAH will rely on Dongfeng’s strong overseas resources and rely on innovative technologies and business models to continue to deploy overseas markets, lead a new era of Chinese brands going overseas, and bring a new smart electric vehicle experience to global users.”

Official information shows that entering the Norwegian market is only the first step for VOYAH to go to Europe. In the future, VOYAH will enter other European countries, and gradually enrich its overseas product layout, continuously improve product experience and user services, and promote Chinese brands to continue to grow and go global.


According to Norwegian media reports, Norway has now become the world’s third largest electric vehicle market after China and the United States.

In 2021, sales of electric vehicles in Norway increased by 48% year-on-year, accounting for nearly two-thirds of new car sales in Norway. Among them, Tesla is the highest-selling car brand in Norway.

At present, many Chinese car brands such as SAIC (MG), BYD, NIO, Hongqi and Xpeng have entered this market. According to the sales data released, in April this year, the sales figures of several Chinese electric vehicle brands in the Norwegian market were: Xpeng 141 vehicles, BYD 117 vehicles, and NIO 82 vehicles. The market share of each brand was between 1%-2%.

Founded in 2018, VOYAH is a high-end smart electric vehicle brand launched by Dongfeng Motor Group. In June 2021, VOYAH ‘s first model VOYAH FREE listed in the Chinese market, positioned in a mid-size SUV, VOYAH FREE provides two power versions, the extended range version and the pure electric version, and its price in the Chinese market ranges from RMB 313,600 to RMB 333,600

On May 7, 2022, VOYAH Dreamer, the second model launched by VOYAH, is known as “the world’s first electric luxury flagship MPV”, the same as VOYAH FREE, it’s offered by two power version, the extended range and pure electric version. The price range is 369,900-439,900 yuan, and there is also a private customized version of the model priced at 639,900 yuan.