Xpeng Motors opens its first directly-operated experience store in Europe


On February 11, Xpeng Motors announced that it has recently reached a strategic cooperation agreement with the leading European dealer group – Emil Frey NV Group of the Netherlands and Bilia Group of Sweden, aiming to promote the rapid introduction of Xpeng Motors into the local area and support accelerated energy conservation and emission reduction, to promote the electrification process and accelerate the layout in the European market.

Xpeng Motors officially opened its first direct-operated experience store in Europe in Stockholm, Sweden, introducing a new retail model of “direct sales + authorization” in the European market. Xpeng Motors said that it will accelerate the development and consolidation of its local sales network in Europe, including the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark, while creating a consumer-centric consumer ecosystem that combines online platforms and offline immersive experiences.

The direct-sale experience store is located in Westfield Mall of Scandinavia, the largest commercial complex in the Nordic region. With the official opening of the directly-operated experience store in Sweden, the directly-operated experience stores in the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway will also be completed one after another.

At the same time, Xpeng Motors said that it has selected local head dealer groups such as Emil Frey NV Group of the Netherlands and Bilia Group of Sweden as strategic partners to create unified and transparent prices and integrated services for the whole life cycle in the European market, so as to provide users in Europe with an excellent customer experience.