NIO Starts to Sell Its Flagship Electric SUV ES8 in Norway


It has been six years since the establishment of NIO, and the brand has taken another step towards entering overseas markets. Following the announcement of NIO’s Norwegian strategy in May indicated that the brand would enter the Norwegian market. Back on September 30, NIO ES8 was officially launched in Norway, and the brand has started the delivery of the same. At the same time, the NIO Center in Oslo was also formally opened on October 1.

NIO’s enters European Market!

In recent years, Chinese electric vehicle brands including SAIC MG, MAXUS, FAW Hongqi, BYD, Xpeng Motors, and NIO have chosen Norway as their first step to enter the European market. It is because Norway has a complete tea farmer network and infrastructure in the world. The data shows that 78% of the charging infrastructure in Norway is home charging piles installed by users in their own homes and 9% are public fast charging piles or high-power fast charging piles. At the end of 2020, Norway had 3,300 fast charging piles and high-power fast charging piles. And out of which, 850 were added newly last year. Further, there are ten charging operators across Norway.

Norway is the best market for new electric vehicles!

At the same time, Norway is the first country where the sales figures of new pure electric vehicles have surpassed the sum of gasoline, diesel and hybrid models. According to data from the Norwegian Road Union, in 2020 alone, pure electric new energy vehicles sold in Norway accounted for 54.3% of sales in the Nordic countries, compared with only 1% a decade ago.

The Norwegian Road Union predicts that in 2021, pure electric new energy vehicles sold in Norway will account for 65% of sales in the Nordic countries. Norway plans to stop selling fuel vehicles in 2025. The Norwegian pure electric market’s vast potential and apparent local infrastructure advantages give brands such as NIO room to play. NIO, which entered the Norwegian market this time, adopts global unified pricing.

Considering factors such as freight, local taxes, and operating costs, the starting price of the NIO ES8 equipped with a standard battery pack (75 Wh) is 609,000 Norwegian kroner. At the same time, the starting price of an extended battery pack (100 Wh) is 679,000 Norwegian kroner. According to WLTP working conditions, it has a cruising range of up to 500 KM.

More about NIO’s service and battery rental option

According to the reports, NIO will provide comprehensive car service, energy service, and power exchange service in Norway. For example, the NIO Center Oslo, located at 33 Karl Johans Avenue, the commercial and cultural center of Oslo, has a total area of ​​2,100 square meters. And it is the largest user center in the core area of ​​Norway. It provides services, including mobile service vehicles and door-to-door pickup and delivery. It is reported that NIO will also work with authorized partners in four other Norwegian cities to give the users worry-free services.

At the same time, the BaaS battery rental service provides a comprehensive service of separation of car and electricity, battery rental, rechargeable, exchangeable, and upgradeable services. Users do not need to purchase battery packs when buying a car. Still, they can rent battery packs of different capacities according to actual usage needs and pay the corresponding service fees every month. At the same time, Norwegian users who choose the BaaS service can enjoy the NIO battery replacement network and flexible battery upgrade services. The price of BaaS users who choose standard battery packs will be reduced by NOK 90,000, and the monthly service fee will be NOK 1,399.

The price of BaaS users who choose long-life battery packs will be reduced by 160,000 Norwegian kroner. The monthly service fee will be 1,999 Norwegian kroner. It is reported that by the end of 2022, NIO will build 20 second-generation replacement power stations in Norway. The brand will cover the top 5 cities and major highways in Norway. Norway’s first second-generation integrated charging station will be put into operation at the end of October.