Tianjin Qingyuan to Launch Passenger EVs


Recently, we obtained a set of product design previews for Tianjin Qingyuan Auto. The preview of this exposure includes not only a compact electric car, but also an EV that looks high end. There is not too much details, the official has not disclosed the relevant vehicle parameter configuration.

The compact EV from Tianjian Qingyuan

There is only a front face picture for the compact model. The area of grille is not exposed. The triangular headlights and the larger vertical decorative lights below reveal a strong sense of power.

The design language of the front face of the other high-end EV is somewhat different from that of the above-mentioned compact EV. From the preview images, there is a very narrow through-light strip above the badge of front face, the two horizontal decorative lights enclosed underneath echo the lights above. In addition, the rear part is full of layers, the taillights are similar to the headlights, which are also narrow and long.

On the side, we can’t see the traditional physical rearview mirror from the preview, but there are two bumps on both sides of the cover. We suspect that the new car is suspected to be equipped with a rearview camera system. The front is short, front and rear suspension are also short, revealing a little sense of movement. We guess that this new EV may be a hatchback midsize vehicle according to the length and wheelbase. The roof of the new car features a panoramic canopy, which has a four-seat layout with a steering wheel that resembles an aircraft joystick.

About Qingyuan Auto

Qingyuan Auto is the Tianjian Qingyuan Electric Vehicle Company, actually Qingyuan has not yet produced any passenger cars, but it does produce some kinds of EVs such as Refuse Collection Vehicle, transport van, service minivan, post office minivan, Overhead working Truck, or yard vehicle.