More Images for Tianjin Qingyuan New EVs


Several days ago, Tianjin Qingyuan Auto released the official images of two new EVs, two EVs are positioned as A0 (mini car) and B-class (medium car), now we got some more images for these two EVs.

The outline of the front face of Qingyuan Auto A0-class EV is very clear. The simple design is the main style of this car. Because there is no need to have a large-area intake grille design, the front face can maintain the overall coordination.

On the side of the car, the dark color of the A-pillar and B-pillar highlights the visual effect of the suspended roof.

According to the official, the body dimensions of the product are 3400mm, 1695mm, 1560mm, the wheelbase is 2250mm. Like many mini electric vehicles, this vehicle also features a three-door, four-seat layout. In the rear part, the mechanical “embedded” tail is equipped with high-position brake lights, and the vertical design of the low-position brake lights and decorative strips echoes the front.

Conceptual B-class debut

Qingyuan Auto’s new midsize EV looks like hi-tech concept car. The turbulence design of the lower half of the front face and the side skirt is very complicated. With a set of five-piece wheels, it also has a sporty taste.

In terms of the tail, it is similar to the design of the A0-class EV. In order to create a layered feeling, a horizontal high-position brake light is attached to the tail, the left and right brake lights are interspersed with each other. Below, the combination of led fog lights and black bumpers reduces the cumbersome feeling brought by multiple levels. Powertrain has not yet announced.