Levdeo Released Teaser Images of Its First EV i9


Recently, Levdeo released a set of teaser images of its brand-new SUV modol, the Levdeo i9 (internal code name C10E). The car is positioned in a pure electric small SUV, appearance design is sporty, the interior adopts a simple design style. In addition, Levdeo also announced the official naming of the other two new cars, the new car codenamed SC3 and EK3 named i3 and i5 respectively.

Compared with the previous Levdeo models, the Levdeo i9 uses a different design language, the appearance is sporty, and the body lines are relatively straight, giving the impression of a small tough guy. The front face features a fake air intake grille that connects with the headlights .

This is Yema Bojun

Previously, Levdeo has already acquired a wholly-owned acquisition of Yema Auto, so we can see that Levdeo i9 has a very similar appearance with Yema Bojun EV.

For the interior, Levdeo i9 has a relatively simple design style, the overall interior layout is quite atmospheric. The new car is equipped with a three-spoke flat-bottom steering wheel. The central control area is equipped with a large-size central control panel, there are not many physical buttons. The car uses a shift knob that is usually appears on a pure electric vehicle.

In addition, Levdeo also announced the official name of the other two new cars – i3 and i5, the three new cars of the “i” series are the first high-speed new energy pure electric products introduced by Reading. The i3 is positioned as a hatchback, the i5 is positioned as a sedan, and the i9 is positioned as a SUV. These three new cars are expected to be officially launched in 2019. The specific parameters of the vehicles have not yet been announced.