LETIN MAX will Be another Mini Box EV in the Chinese market


LETIN (LEVDEO) will launch an all-new miniature EV soon, the LETIN MAX, with the internal code A11E. Previously, LETIN has released the official pictures of the appearance and interior of the vehicle. As the third A00-class model built by LETIN, this mini EV features the latest design language. It is reported that the new car is expected to be officially launched in July.

The new car is still a two-door four-seater model, the overall design continues to be a small square box. The front face is designed with a fake front grille and is matched with a round headlight shape. The design lines of the whole vehicle are soft, and the functionality is similar to that of the Wuling Hongguang MINIEV.

The rear of the car adopts split taillights, the interior uses LED light sources. The simple design echoes the front face.

The interior color matches the appearance, the lines are designed smoothly, the whole center console looks simple. There is a long U-shaped groove design on the main driver’s door panel, it is not known whether its main function is used for storage. According to the official announcement, LETIN MAX also provides intelligent configurations such as push button start, right blind spot monitoring, and ACC cruise control.

In terms of power, LETIN MAX will be equipped with a lithium iron phosphate battery provided by Gotion. At present, LETIN has two products on sale, namely LETIN Mango and LETIN Mango Pro, which mainly focus on the low-to-medium miniature electric vehicle market. Although the market performance is mediocre, LETIN is a new startup EV maker, there is still a lot of potential for the car market to continue to develop.