LEVDEO Released New EV Mango and New Brand LETIN


On August 18, LEVDEO‘s new pure electric vehicle was officially released, and the new car was named “Mango“. The car is a pure electric minicar with five doors and four seats, built with a concept similar to K-Car. At the same time, the LEVDEO brand also released a new LOGO and the English name “LETIN”.

The new car adopts a simple design style, and the whole car has a full shape. The iconic closed front face of the pure electric model is matched with the bar-type design of the headlight group and the black plaque in the center of the front face, giving it a certain degree of recognition. In terms of the body size of the new car, the length, width and height are 3622/1607/1925mm, respectively, and the wheelbase is 2442mm.

On the side of the body, LEVDEO Mango adopts a short front and rear suspension design, and the four wheels are arranged at the four corners of the vehicle as much as possible to ensure the maximum internal space in the vehicle. In addition, the concise side, the double waistline design that echoes up and down, and the small tail wing details are retained to the greatest extent compared with the previously released design drawings.

At the press conference, the official also showed the personalized optional features such as the personalized car body painting, signature, customized wheel color matching and color-contrasting car body launched by LEVDEO Mango. In terms of configuration, the new car will be equipped with a 9-inch central control screen and a full LCD instrument panel, supporting the Internet of Vehicles function, and there will be as many as 19 storage spaces in the car. The vehicle will also be equipped with ADAS assisted driving system, automatic parking function, and other configurations.

After LEVDEO released the i3, i5, and i9 three pure electric passenger cars last year, Mango is the fourth passenger car released by the company, which indicates that LEVDEO will fully open in the passenger car field. However, the car’s power information and battery parameters have not been officially announced.