Sketches of Eureka 03 Concept Car Revealed by Hozon Auto


We learned from officials that Hozon Auto, a Chinese EV startup, has completed a Series C financing of RMB 3 billion RMB. In terms of products, the Nezha V will be launched in the third quarter, and the official also revealed two design sketches for Eureka 03 concept car.

From the exposed Eureka 03 design sketch, we can see that the car has an obvious coupe design style. Starting from the B-pillar, the roof curves downwards, creating a visual effect of walking back. From another design sketch, it seems to show the design of the rear part. The taillight adopts a bar-type shape and extends to the side of the vehicle. Judging from the currently known information, the car may be a sedan with a coupe design style, and the specific model level is unknown.

Nezha V

Nezha V is Hozon Automobile’s third mass-produced EV, positioned as a small SUV. The lights of the new car are slender and converge from both sides of the front face to the center of the front. In addition to the fully enclosed design of the grille, the styling lines also create a three-dimensional effect. With the lights, the entire front face is more avant-garde. Officials said the car will be available in the third quarter of this year.