Hozon Auto’s First EV NETA N01 will soon Receive a Facelift


Hozon Auto’s first EV model NETA N01 will soon received a facelift, the facelift NETA N01 has already been deubted at 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, mainly refreshed in front face, range will be also improved.

The facelift NETA N01 is a mid-term refreshed model. It is mainly adjusted in the details of the front face, front bumper and rear bumper. The front bumper design of the new car is more cute and the style of the rim is exquisite. The facelift NETA N01 is still positioned in a small pure electric SUV. The new car has a length, width and height of 3872mm/1648mm/1571mm and a wheelbase of 2370mm which is the same as the outgoing one.

Interior of facelift NETA N01 is not much different from the current model. The central control section is also occupied by a 10.1-inch LCD screen. The lower part still retains a small number of physical buttons, and is also equipped with AI intelligent voice interaction. The system allows the driver to perform most of the in-vehicle functions through voice control, and then iteratively through OTA to upgrade the system.

In terms of power, it is expected that facelift NETA N01 will improve its cruising range, and the NEDC cruising range of the current model is only 301km. With reference to the current NETA N01 powertrain, the performance of the permanent magnet synchronous motor is expected to be consistent. It also has a maximum power of 55kW (73HP), a peak torque of 175Nm, and an acceleration time of 4.9 seconds from 0-50km/h. The energy recovery rate is above 20%.