The “father” of BMW i8 Dr. Carsten Breitfeld Joined Faraday Future as CEO


According to Faraday Future (FF) official Weibo information, the former ICONIQ CEO Bi Fukang (Dr. Carsten Breitfeld) confirmed to join FF, the future will focus on promoting the financing activities; and FF founder Jia Yueting also confirmed the resignation of the CEO position, and as the CPUO (Chief Product and User Officer CHIEF PRODUCT&USER OFFICER).

Prior to joining FF, Dr. Carsten Breitfeld served as CEO and co-founder of BYTON CEO in January of this year, the company officially announced its new governance structure. According to the new governance structure, BYTON will be divided into the chairman and CEO positions, no longer have the position of president, and the former BYTON CEO Dr. Carsten Breitfeld will serve as the chairman, and its CEO position will be held by the former president Dai Lei (Dr Daniel Kirchert).

Subsequently, at the Shanghai Auto Show in April, Dr. Carsten Breitfeld suddenly announced his departure and joined another startup, ICONIQ, and became the CEO, the company also announced that it was regrettable for Carsten Breitfeld’s resignation. In just 5 months, Carsten Breitfeld resigned from ICONIQ and joined FF.


According to the official statement of FF, Carsten Breitfeld will lead FF to create industry-leading forward-looking innovative technologies and products, and promote the company’s ongoing financing activities. In the short term, Carsten Breitfeld will lead the team to sprint the mass production preparation of the FF 91 electric car and complete the development of the next luxury model FF 81.

In addition to the participation of Carsten Breitfeld, the rumors about Jia Yueting’s resignation as CEO have also been officially confirmed by FF. According to FF, after resigning as CEO, Jia Yueting became the CPUO and was responsible for the overall implementation of the FF Internet ecosystem strategy, leadership work intelligence, product definition, user acquisition, user experience and user operations.

It is also worth mentioning that in the future, FF will continue to carry out reforms in the management structure and openly recruit the global chairmanship, it has also been confirmed that FF will be transformed into a partnership enterprise.