Faraday Future’s FF 91 Exposed on Luxury Car Festival in US


Faraday Future, the former LeTV executive founder of Jia Yueting, who has had no news for a long time, has once again released the video of the brand’s first model, the FF 91, at a luxury car festival in the United States. It has been two and a half years since the first release of the FF 91. The rumors of production suspension, default and selling of factories have continued, and the trend of Faraday Future has always been a mystery.

It can be seen from the latest vehicle pictures that the FF 91 has not changed much in appearance, except that the front and rear lights have changed from the conceptual light strip design to a more traditional LED light source. At the same time, the rearview mirror has changed from the previous electronic rearview mirror to the traditional one, these changes are more in line with current road regulations. These small changes may indicate that the vehicle is undergoing relevant actual road tests.

The video publisher stated in the profile of Weibo that he is the head of global marketing communications for Faraday Future, and did not disclose other news except the video. However, at the beginning of this month, he and Jia Yueting both forwarded a video of a foreign car program entering the Faraday Future factory on Weibo. Some of the contents show that several trial cars are still in the factory for related development work.

According to previous reports, on April 30 this year, Faraday Future received $225 million in debt and trust financing from US commercial bank Birch Lake. Independent valuation consultant Houlihan Lokey determined that the company’s technology value was estimated at $1.25 billion. This time, the financing once again saved the company on the edge of the “bankruptcy”, anyway, it is still a puzzle of the progress of the always-in-pro-mass-production FF 91.