FF agreed to Form Joint venture with Chinese mobile-gaming company The9, to Show V9 electric MPV in Shanghai Show


On March 25th, Faraday Future (FF) founded by Jia Yueting and the Chinese game company The9(www.the9.com) founded by Zhu Jun announced the signing of an agreement. The two parties will jointly establish, develop, produce, market and sell luxury smart internet electric vehicles in China. The joint venture company has teamed up to create the new luxury brand model V9.

The joint venture will manufacture the V9 in China, an ultra luxurious electric MPV based on the FF91 platform. The V9 is set to hit the Chinese car market in late 2020. Initial production capacity of the factory will be 300,000 cars per year. The factory however, has yet to be build. FF had released one tease picture, but happily we also have leaked patent images, showing the V9 from all sides.

In early 2017, FF officially released its first production model, the FF 91, in Las Vegas, USA. At the press conference, FF91 were racing with Bentley Bentayga, Ferrari 488 GTB, Tesla Model X P100D, Tesla Model S P100D on the spot, which were the most accelerated models in the world at that time, FF 91 finally led by absolute advantage, with a 2.39-second 0-60 mph acceleration, it set a new world record, becoming the new “king” at 0-60 mph, and winning the world’s fastest electric car.

Some pictures of FF91 unveiled in the past:

At present, the research and development of FF 91 has been completed, many pre-production cars are undergoing intensive road and IAI verification tests, which will achieve the mass production downline target in Hanford on time.

The9 & FF

The mobile-gaming company The9 is a well-known Internet company in China, it was established in 1998. In 2005, The9 was listed on NASDAQ. This is the second Chinese online game company listed in the US after Shanda.com(NASDAQ: GAME). Although the9 is a veteran of the Nasdaq, which has successfully landed in the US capital market, it has a strong Internet gene and background, but it is also in urgent need of transformation right now.

The establishment of the joint venture with FF has great value for the transformation of the9. First of all, the9’s internationalization team and familiarity with the US capital market are a big advantage. More importantly,the9 attaches great importance to user operations. The9 and its formerly represented World of Warcraft games have left indelible memories for China’s 1970-80’s generations of users. This part of the population has grown into China. The social backbone, this is also the target user of the FF luxury Internet travel ecology.