BYTON’s 1st Electric SUV: M-Byte Unveiled in China, to Launch in 4th Quarter 2019

Interior of BYTON M-Byte

Recently, we obtained a set of test spy photos of BYTON Auto’s engineering vehicle. According to official sources, the current BYTON M-Byte engineering prototype has successfully completed the first winter alpine test in Yakeshi, Inner Mongolia. BYTON M-Byte will debut in the middle of this year and open the booking then. It is reported that the pre-sale price range of the new car will be from 300,000 to 400,000 yuan in China, it is likely to be officially listed at the end of this year.

According to the official, since BYTON M-Byte will be sold in the three major markets of China, the United States and Europe, the company will conduct research and development in accordance with the highest safety and quality standards of the three places. The ambient temperature for the high-cold test is -30 °C. BYTON also produced various batches of engineering prototypes for testing in the trial workshop in Nanjing.

According to previous reports, the BYTON M-Byte production model will be powered by two power versions, of which the standard version offers a 71kWh battery pack with a cruising range of 248miles(400km). In addition, you can choose the 95kWh battery pack model with a maximum range of 323miles(520km). BYTON M-Byte will have an L3 autopilot rating, price will starts at $45,000 in the North American market.

The overall design of the front face basically maintains the style of the concept car. The size of the headlights is larger. The eye-catching LED lights run through the front face, setting off the illuminated logo in the central position, the visual impact is very strong. From the side of the car, M-Byte made a compromise for the rear passengers to ensure the rear passenger head space.

In the previous report, it was learned that the center console of the production model adopts a new embracing shape, the central position is equipped with air conditioning air outlet, gear position and front and rear window defogging buttons.

A very large 48inch screen to display everything in front of driver, in addition, the 7-inch touch screen will also be retained on the steering wheel of the production BYTON M-Byte. The touch screen can be used to set the vehicle, including navigation, air conditioning, multimedia and other functions.

A video to show you how exactly BYTON M-BYTE:

Who is BYTON?

Simply put, BYTON is a global car marque based in Nanjing, China, founded by two Germans.

BYTON is a new energy vehicle brand under FMC(Future Mobility Corporation Ltd.), which was officially released in September 2017.

Formerly known as FMC (Future Mobility Corporation Ltd.), BYTON AUTO was founded by Dai Lei(Dr. Daniel Kirchert, a German who has a Chinese name”戴雷”), the general manager of the former Dongfeng-Infiniti Automobile, Dr. Dai Lei is BYTON CEO and co-founder. In 2016, he chose to transform from a traditional car company executive position and join the “new car” entrepreneurial wave. Dai Lei and the former BMW Group Vice President and BMW i8 project leader Dr. Bi Fukang (Dr. Carsten Breitfeld, German who has a Chinese name “毕福康”) jointly founded the smart luxury electric car brand BYTON

BYTON has established its global operations headquarters, intelligent manufacturing base and R&D center in Nanjing, China, the North American headquarters responsible for the development of cutting-edge technologies such as smart car user experience and autonomous driving is located in Silicon Valley. The design center responsible for vehicle design and product concept development is at Munich Germany.

On June 11, 2018, BYTON AUTO announced that the company completed the B round of financing, with a total financing of 500 million US dollars. The main investors include China FAW Group, Tus-Holdings, CATL, etc.