BYTON M-Byte Production Version Debut at Frankfurt Motor Show with 48-inch Huge Screen / battery Range 341miles


The high-end smart electric car brand BYTON brought its first model, BYTON M-Byte, to the Frankfurt Motor Show. The new car is positioned in a large-size pure electric SUV, features a 48-inch shared full screen. The new car retains 90% of the design elements of the concept car, it is available in rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models. It has maximum cruising range of 341miles(550km) under NEDC.

Based on BYTON intelligent EV platform, the M-Byte is very sci-fi in design. Compared with the concept version, the common “shark fin” antenna is canceled, which makes the overall appearance more concise and smooth, optimizes the aerodynamic performance, and increases the antenna area to improve data transmission efficiency. In addition, the new car also canceled the function of face recognition to unlock the door, adding a hidden door handle.

The “Smart Surfaces” smart expression on the concept car is preserved, not only for traditional lighting functions, but also for displaying various lighting modes and prompting charging status to interact with the user.
M-Byte also retains the diamond-shaped daytime running lights and features matrix LED headlights.

Body size of production model has a length, width and height of 4875/2195/1665mm and wheelbase of 2950mm.

The bar-style taillight is clean and simple, using LED light source, very beautiful after lighting up.

The highlight of the new car is that it features a 48-inch huge screen that can interact with the 7-inch touch screen on the steering wheel and the 8-inch co-drive touch screen. Before that, BYTON had never disclosed the interior of the M-Byte production model to the public, the debut was also the first public release of the M-Byte production model interior.

The BYTON M-Byte will offer three versions in battery and range: the rear-wheel drive version is available with 72kWh and 95kWh battery group, it has a NEDC range of 267miles(430km) and 341miles(550km) respectively; the four-wheel drive version uses a 95kWh battery pack, NEDC comprehensive range is 313miles(505km). In fast charge mode, it takes 80 minutes to charge up to 80% of electricity. In terms of power, the new car will provide a 200kW rear-wheel drive single motor and 300kW front and rear dual motor combination to meet the differentiated needs of consumers. In addition, the ternary lithium battery pack uses active water cooling technology to control the battery to the optimum operating temperature range.