Byton M-Byte Trial Vehicle Rolled off the assembly line or listed in the 2nd half 2020


Recently, the first BYTON M-Byte trial production vehicle officially rolled off the production line. At present, the tooling parts of BYTON M-Byte are undergoing many tests such as durability and collision. It is reported that Byton M-Byte will be listed in the middle of this year.

The production base of Byton M-Byte is located in Nanjing China. It is reported that the Byton Nanjing plant has been resumed in batches on February 11, 2020, the current recovery rate has reached 95%. Byton M-Byte is positioned as a pure electric mid-size SUV. The concept car was first displayed at the 2018 CES show, then it entered the mass production stage. The production model retains most of the design concepts of the concept car, with a balanced proportion and elegant lines. The length, width, and height of the body are 4875/1970 / 1665mm (the width does not include the rearview mirror), and the wheelbase is 2950mm.

BYTON M-Byte is equipped with 48-inch shared full screen, driver touch screen, co-driver touch screen, BYTON air gesture sensor, driving monitoring system and other equipment to make the entire cockpit full of sense of technology. At present, the new car provides two power combinations: a single-motor rear-drive version with a maximum power of 200 kW (272 ps), and a front-rear dual-motor four-wheel-drive version with 300 kW (408 ps). At the same time, the car also provides two models with different battery capacities: the rear-drive version can be equipped with a 72 kWh or 95 kWh battery pack, the corresponding NEDC cruising range is 430 km and 550 km; the four-drive version uses 95 kWh battery pack, it has an NEDC battery range of 505 kilometers. We will continue to pay more attention to this car.