Byton M-Byte’s First Body-In-White Get off-line or Pre-sale Within 2019


According to official news of BYTON, its first mass-produced EV Byton M-Byte’s first full-processed body-in-white has been offline. Byton M-Byte will be officially put into production in the fourth quarter of this year and will open pre-sales within this year.

The official did not explain when Byton M-Byte complete vehicle would be offline at this time. However, according to previous news, the new car would be officially released in the third quarter of this year, the same time, the pre-sale price, configurations as well as the first batch of user rights would be announced. In addition, the new car will be officially put into production in the fourth quarter of this year, and will start pre-sale during the year.

In terms of appearance, Byton M-Byte production model adopts the new design language of the byton brand. The front face of the new car is a fake grille design, the door handles and the roof antenna are concealed. As you can see from the side, the roof has a rearward sloping design that narrows at the rear to create a dynamic visual effect while also providing good aerodynamics. In addition, M-Byte is also equipped with side rear view camera and B-pillar face recognition camera.

In the interior section, the designer placed a 9-inch touch screen in the middle of the steering wheel to replace the traditional steering wheel button operation. The M-Byte production version also retains the 48-inch shared screen and the touch screen on the steering wheel.

With length of 1.25 meters and width of 0.25 meters, this 48-inch display is also the largest on-board display in all models to date (under mass production). It is reported that this display will not only display vehicle information, but also support entertainment system, it will support gesture control, physical button control, face recognition, touch control and other human-computer interaction methods. Is this oversized display amazing? The answer is yes. However, there are still a few big problems before BYTON puts this “dream” into reality.

Indeed, the large car display can achieve a variety of functions, but personally, there is still a lot of controversy about such a display. For example, will it hinder the vehicle safety? And does this large screen affect the driver’s driving status? These also need to be studied. Previously, the company officially explained some of the questions about the large display; according to the official statement, the large display of the M-Byte production model will not affect the driver’s sight, and it will change brightness automatically according to the environment. So does it mean that the car is all right? We will keep an eye on it.

In terms of power and battery life, it is reported that the production model will be available in two versions, of which the rear-wheel drive version has a built-in 71kWh battery pack, the single motor provides a maximum power of 200kW (268hp), peak torque of 400 N.m, range can do 400 km. The four-wheel drive version has a 95kWh battery pack, range is up to 520km, the maximum power of the motor system is 350kW (469hp), and the dual motor provides peak torque of 710N·m.

In addition, it will take 30 minutes to charge 80% amount of power in fast charge mode. According to the plan, the L3-class ADAS technology will be available when the production car is launched. In the future, it will enable the L4-level auto-driving function by the software upgrade after 2020. It is estimated that the price range will be 300,000-400,000 yuan before the subsidy in China market.