Bordrin’s first Body-in-white iV6 went offline, to Deliver in the 1st qtr of 2020


The first Body-in-white Bordrin iV6 went offline recently. The appearance of the new car is not much different from that of the previous show car. The offline of Body-in-white Bordrin iV6 means that the product structure is basically fixed, It is a big step closer to the delivery for Bordrin’s first model. Bordrin iV6 has been pre-sold at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show and is expected to begin delivery in the first quarter of 2020.

Bordrin iV6 is a five-seat medium-sized all-electric SUV. It has fast back design with short front and rear suspension, the lines are elegant and very avant-garde. The waist line on the side continues to the taillights. The headlights use the matrix LED light source to create a strong visual effect.

In terms of intelligence system, Bordrin iV6 not only has OTA and supports 11 major control upgrades, but also has more than 14 intelligent assisted driving functions for L2 or higher autopilot systems. In order to continue to meet the diversified and personalized needs of users, Bordrin Motors has created three highly flexible and scalable platforms, i-SP, i-MP and i-LP, it will generate more than a dozen models in the future. Covering the three major market A, B and C segments to meet the consumption needs of different market segments.

Bordrin iV6 has been pre-sold at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show. The pre-sale price range is 250,000 to 350,000 yuan before subsidies. The new car is positioned in the mid-to-high end intelligent electric crossover, which uses the original electric i-MP platform and will be benchmarked Tesla Model Y. Bordrin iV6 has a total comprehensive range of more than 600km. It can also exceed 500km when driving at high speed. The acceleration time from 0-100km/h is about 6s. It is expected to be equipped with an automatic driving system of L2 or above and expected to start delivery in 2020.