Bordrin Motors Debuted Its Large Size All Electric SUV Bordrin iV7, Range up to 434miles


Bordrin iV7 was officially unveiled on the Bordrin Motors brand night on April 11th 2019, and later debuted at 2019 Shanghai Auto Show. Bordrin iV7 is positioned in a mid-to-large size SUV, it will be available in 5-seat or 6-seat versions. The overall shape uses a lot of straight fold line design. According to the official, the NEDC cruising range will exceed 434miles (700km).

Bordrin iV7 adopts a tough design style, the front face adopts a closed grille design, headlights are long and narrow in style. Although the internal structure is not complicated, it brings good recognition. In addition, the central “BORDRIN” logo can also be lit.

The design of the body side echoes the front of the car. Although it does not use too many rich lines, it creates a layered feeling. At present, Bordrin iV7 body parameters have not yet been known, it is understood that Bordrin iV7 has a length of 4,900 mm and wheelbase will reaches 3010 mm. The debut model is equipped with a low-resistance rim, Pirelli tires, measuring 265/40 R22.

Interior uses black & white dual color design, Bordrin iV7 is not equipped with any physical buttons. The center console is a large-size touch screen, the buttons on the multi-function steering wheel also adopted a touch design. In addition, Bordrin iV7 does not use the traditional rearview mirror, instead of a streaming rearview mirror. The gear lever is a column shifter design as same as the Bordrin iV6.

Bordrin iV7 will be built in the i-LP platform, it will provide 5 or 6-seat version to meet the needs of family travel. In terms of power, it did not disclose much news, according to the official that the cruising range will be up to 434miles (700km) under NEDC, the 0-100km/h acceleration time will be less than 5.8 seconds. It will be equipped with active adjustable suspension system, offering a variety of driving modes including sports, comfort and off-road. The whole system is four-wheel drive and double-motor.

In addition, Bordrin iV7 is designed in strict accordance with the European E-NCAP five-star safety standard and North American IIHS Good level, it plans to be sold to Europe and North America in the future. It is unknown the pre-sale and delivery time of Bordrin iV7. We will continue to pay attention to more news about the car.