Bordrin Motors Signed Joint Venture Agreement with Tianjin FAW XIALI Auto to Make Bordrin’s Pure Electric Vehicles


China’s new automobile manufacturing company Bordrin Motors has signed a joint venture agreement with Tianjin FAW XIALI Automobile, the two companies will jointly form a joint venture to produce and sell new energy vehicles.

Through the joint venture company, Bordrin Motors obtained the production qualification of new energy vehicles and obtained a mature manufacturing system, which can speed up the pace of product launch. At present, Bordrin Motors has arranged personnel to settle in FAW Xiali, and prepare for the commissioning of the production line. The first product of Bordrin Motors’ Bordrin iV6 will be produced by FAW Xiali.

Production qualification is the first threshold that Chinese new energy vehicle manufacturer are facing. The solutions are also different. NIO and Xiaopeng respectively solve the problem of legal manufacture through OEM. NIO goes with JAC, Xiaopeng goes with Haima,. WM Motor and LEADING IDEAL obtained production qualifications through acquisition, and then built new factories to produce vehicles.

Founded in 2016, Bordrin Motors is one of the vehicle manufacture new forces in China that has flocked to the market in recent years. Compared with the new energy vehicle company that is close to the establishment time, Bordrin’s new product launches at a slower pace. The first car is scheduled to be launched at the end of this year. It will be delivered early next year, from development to listing, it spent for nearly 48 months, it is close to the development time of traditional car companies.

About Bordrin Motors

Bordrin Motors was established in 2016, it is another new member in new energy vehicle manufacturer in China. it has established an international R&D team with more than 800 empolyees. It has set up R&D centers, marketing centers, manufacturing plants and other institutions in Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Huai’an China and Detroit, USA. In addition, Bordrin Motors has started construction of a 1,300-acre manufacturing plant in Nanjing China. The planned capacity of the first phase is 150,000 units, the total capacity will reach 300,000 units after the completion of the second phase. The first model from Bordrin is a pure electric SUV, it will be mass-produced by the end of 2019.

Engineers build cars: born out of technology suppliers

Dr. Huang Ximing, President of Bordrin Motors, graduated from the Virginia Institute of Technology in the United States. He entered the Ford in the United States in 1995 and worked on the design and development of vehicle performance. He left Ford to return to China in 2007. On August 11, 2008, Huang Ximing established Cotech Automotive Engineering Corp. and AVL, which is mainly engaged in automobile engineering and vehicle development. It has carried out dozens of Chinese independent and joint venture OEMs including BAIC, GAC trumpchi, FAW, CHANGAN. Chassis platform design and development, chassis tuning, vehicle performance development adjustment, CAE analysis, NVH test development, chassis design, smooth ride test development, parts testing and other engineering and technical consulting services. Other executives include Bao Yimin, technical director of the former FAW, and Zhang Zhiwei, a battery expert.
The two companies have designed and developed vehicle chassis design and vehicle performance for several OEMs, such as Hongqi(FAW), BAIC Motor, SAIC Electric Vehicle, and Fisker Karma.

In addition, the core team members of Bordrin Motors are also an “engineer team”. For example, Bao Yimin, who is in charge of vehicle performance tuning, is a mechanical doctor of the University of Kentucky in the United States. He also worked for Ford in US. In 2012, he returned to China as the technical director of FAW. Zhang Zhiwei, who is in charge of EIC system. is a Ph.D. in Electrochemistry at Case Western Reserve University in the United States. He is the former vice president of SKC North America and has led the development of several battery technologies and battery plants.