AIWAYS Auto to Acquire 50% Share of Jiangling Holdings


AIWAYS Auto will become the largest shareholder of Jiangling Holdings (ower of Jiangling Motor (JMC)) with the purchase of 50% equity.

As a new car manufacturer, AIWAYS Auto has not yet obtained the production qualification of new energy passenger car. Before acquiring production qualifications, AIWAYS Auto can obtain the new energy production qualification through the purchase of 50% equity of Jiangling Holdings to realize production.

After the acquisition of AIWAYS Auto, its shareholding with Jiangling Holdings held by Changan Automobile and Jiangling Motors Group will be changed to 50:25:25.

Prior to this, Jiangling Holdings completed a series of equity changes, and Jiangling Motors (JMC), which is owned by Jiangling Holdings, will be transferred to Jiangling Investment. At the same time, its other brand, Lufeng Motor (Landwind), and its business, land, machinery, plant, and business qualifications will remain in the company, that is the new Jiangling Holdings.

If AIWAYS Auto successfully acquires 50% equity of Jiangling Holdings, then AIWAYS Auto can not only add the two production base of Jiangling Landwind to solve the production capacity problem, but also solve the production qualification issue of new energy vehicles.

Under the influence of leading players such as NIO and WM Motor, the mass production delivery capability has become one of the evaluation standards for China EV startups. According to public information, AIWAYS Auto debuted its first product, AIWAYS U5, in November last year, and plans to put the car into the market in the second half of 2019. However, before the U5 went public, NIO and WM Motor had already delivered mass production. AIWAYS obviously needs to be better in the manufacturing and delivery processes in order to stand out in the more intense competition in 2019.


AIWAYS means AI ON THE WAYS, this is the moral of AIWAYS AUTO gives for AIWAYS brand, means deep cultivate the core technologies on both electrical driving system & AI two core, dedicating to making life better.

AIWAYS Auto’s slogan is “AI With You”, AIWAYS Auto has its headquarters and technical center in Shanghai China, and a wholly-owned subsidiary AIWAYS Gumpert Co., Ltd. in Germany, Mr. Roland Gumpert, the inventor of Audi quattro, is the executive director of the German subsidiary, AIWAYS has also a forward-looking technical laboratory in Detroit, USA. AIWAYS has successively built R&D and manufacturing infrastructures such as Shangrao Automobile Manufacturing Base, Shanghai Jiading Technology Center and Changshu Battery Pack Factory.

AIWAYS Auto Co-founder and President: Fu Qiang

Rooted in the car circle for nearly 30 years, is an old car marketer. He has promoted the development of FAW-Volkswagen Audi brand and SAIC Volkswagen Skoda brand in China in the early stage; led the transformation of Mercedes-Benz’s marketing system in China; and served as the president and CEO of Volvo China Sales Co., Ltd., promoting Volvo’s brand and sales development in China.

AIWAYS Auto Co-founder and CEO: Gu Feng

Co-founder Gu Feng has been in the car circle for more than 20 years, dealing with financial management and capital operations. According to resources, Gu Feng has rich theoretical and practical experience in state-owned assets reform, securities market operations, mergers and acquisitions. In addition, he has been also responsible for the development of SAIC’s financial sector business, with rich financial resources.

AIWAYS History

In 2015, Foxconn and Tencent Holdings jointly created Future Mobility with a total investment of 1 billion yuan to engage in business of new energy vehicle. First established is Future Mobility Corp (FMC), Dai Lei(Dr. Daniel Kirchert) and Bi Fukang(Dr. Carsten Breitfeld) are the executives, then formed another company named AICHE, Fu Qiang is the CEO.

At the end of 2016, Fu Qiang got the investment of Tencent, he brought his team of AICHE company and formed a new company, that is AIWAYS Auto. FMC is the current the BYTON AUTO, AICHE becomes the AIWAYS

On October 30, 2016, AIWAYS AUTO established its production base in Shangrao, Jiangxi;

In January 2017, former SAIC CFO Gu Feng joined AIWAYS Auto as co-founder and CEO;

In August 2017, Roland Gumpert announced that he has joined AIWAYS Auto, as the chief product officer CPO, and the general manager of the German subsidiary AIWAYS Gumpert;

On November 29, 2018, AIWAYS’s first production car AIWAYS U5 made its debut;

On March 5, 2019, AIWAYS Auto brought its first mass-produced A+ class intelligent pure electric SUV AIWAYS U5 and the world’s first track-class electric sports car Gumpert Nathalie at the Geneva International Auto Show.