AIWAYS Auto Brought the Electric Sports Car Gumpert Nathalie on 2019 Shanghai Auto Show


China’s new energy vehicles are now developing by leaps and bounds, and more and more new brands are being created and entered the eyes of consumers. AIWAYS is such a new energy car company born in the wave of new energy vehicles. Maybe this name has not been heard by many people, but mentioning Audi’s Quattro four-wheel drive system is sure that many fans and friends know. Now Roland Gumpert, the father of Audi Quattro, has joined AIWAYS Auto and he is the CEO of the German subsidiary.

Recently, Roland Gumpert unveiled the new sports car AIWAYS Gumpert Nathalie at 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, Gumpert Nathalie is from AIWAYS’ German subsidiary, Roland Gumpert is the CEO of this company. Gumpert Nathalie is a high-performance sports car in order to open the European market.

According to the official introduction, Gumpert Nathalie is a track-class electric sports car. The specifications, concepts of the vehicle are all derived from Roland Gumpert, the design is run by Roland Maier. According to international track requirements, Gumpert Nathalie has a three-dimensional tubular frame (Gitterrohrrahmen), the vehicle uses four-wheel drive technology with a front and rear counterweight ratio of 48:52.

Appearance of this electric sports car follows the future coupe style and also meets the highest technical requirements of racing car. When driving Gumpert Nathalie, the racer is fully focused on high-speed driving dynamics and pays attention to cornering. The cab’s central control system is designed to be driver-oriented and ergonomically optimized for a minimalist sporting style.

Gumpert Nathalie uses a four-wheel four-motor power arrangement, with the superior power management system, the vehicle can achieve different torque output by controlling each motor to achieve a higher turning speed. At the same time, such power arrangement will also avoid power loss while accelerates on dry and slippery roads. In terms of parameters, the maximum peak power of a single motor is 102kW (136HP), and the maximum torque of a single motor is 230Nm.

The acceleration of 0-100 km/h is only 2.5 seconds, the top speed is up to 300 kilometers, and the cruising range has reached an amazing 621 miles(1000 km).

It is worth mentioning that the fuel cell technology used on this car, through proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) technology, the methanol stored in the vehicle can produce hydrogen on-line, the overall electrical energy conversion rate reaches 45% – the engine with the highest thermal efficiency hits only 41%. This is also avoid the danger of storing hydrogen. In addition, the car also supports the traditional way to charge the battery, its battery capacity is about 60kWh.