Dongfeng’s High-end EV brand LANTU Debuted Its first Concept Car i-Land


On July 29, Lantu (English name: VOYAH) brand, a sub-brand of Dongfeng Motor, officially announced its brand strategic plan in Wuhan, and its first concept car, VOYAH i-Land, also officially unveiled. It is reported that the brand currently plans 9 models, covering multiple market segments such as cars, SUVs, and MPVs. The first model is planned to be put into production in 2021.

According to Lantu’s official statement, the car is not only a smart mobile space but also a vital and open ecosystem, which is also the source of inspiration for the i-Land concept car. In addition, the name of the car also has a profound meaning, where “i” stands for intelligent, “L” stands for Luxury, “A” stands for Autonomous, “N” stands for Nature, and “D” stands for Delicate.

In terms of appearance, the VOYAH i-Land concept car shows the brand’s design philosophy and direction. The overall shape of the car is derived from the “light, quiet and elegant” design concept. As a pure electric car, the car has a low body design, and the front face adopts the official design language, which is full of power. In terms of details, the car’s light set is highly recognizable. It is officially called “winged headlights”. The through-type LED light strip connects the headlights on both sides with the Lantu brand LOGO in the center. A sense of technology.

The car is based on Lantu’s new ESSA native smart electric architecture. The new architecture is based on the EIC technology, and integrates WindLink 4.0 intelligent network connection, L3 and higher-level intelligent driving and other core configurations. In terms of power and battery range, Lantu provides MVP (Multi-choice valuable power) power solutions. After the car is mass-produced, it will provide both a pure electric version and a plug-in hybrid version. According to the information in the picture, it is expected to have a certain breakthrough in the cruising range.