Chery New Energy Launched Two New EV, The Arrizo e & Tiggo e, Range of 249miles


On August 25th,Chery New Energy launched its pure electric SUV Tiggo e and the A-class pure electric sedan Arrizo e. Tiggo e offers total four trims, the price starts at 109,900 ~ 143,900 yuan (~US15,356 – US$20,106) after subsidies, Arrizo e offers total three trims, the price ranges from 126,800 to 143,800 yuan (~US17,717 – US$20,092) after the subsidy. The NEDC’s comprehensive range of both EVs is the same 249miles(401km).

Chery Arrizo e

Chery Arrizo e is actually a facelift of Chery Arrizo 5e selling in Chinese market, and the Arrizo 5e is based on Arrizo 5 fuel version. Therefore, there is no big difference between the Arrizo e and Arrizo 5e in appearance, only the adjustment is made in some details. For example, the front face is replaced with a point-shaped hollow grille with the same design concept as the Tiggo e, so to form its family style.

Body size of Chery Arrizo e is 4572/1825/1496mm, and the wheelbase has reached 2670mm, which is the mainstream level of this segment. The side lines are simple and straightforward, with a straight waistline running through the body to create a simple visual effect.

Chery Arrizo e center console features an asymmetric design, it consists of a full LCD instrument, an 8-inch air-conditioning LCD touch screen and a 9-inch touch screen display. Chery Arrizo e features automatic air conditioning, blue ambient lights, lift knob shifting, automatic parking system, enhanced AI natural voice interaction, mobile phone remote vehicle control, front seat electric heating and many other functions.

Chery Tiggo e is powered by permanent magnet synchronous motor with maximum power 120 kW (161hp), peak torque of 250 Nm; and equipped with 54.3kwh ternary lithium battery pack, NEDC cruising range of 249miles (401 km), while supporting fast charge function, it takes 30min charging from 30% to 80%.

Chery Tiggo e

As a new pure electric vehicle, Chery Tiggo e is positioned in the market for compact SUV. Appearance of Tiggo e is very close to the Tiggo 5x (New Tiggo 4 in overseas market). The front face is made up of a closed grille that is used in most pure electric vehicles and has a venting design, there is a fast charging socket under the grille, which can be charged from 30% to 80% in 0.5 hours.

The body size of the Tiggo e is 4358/1830/1670mm and the wheelbase is 2630mm. The slow charging port is located at the left rear fender and can be fully charged in 6-8 hours. The multi-width cutting hub is novel in style and is available in two sizes of 215/60 R17 and 215/55 R18.

The interior design of Chery Tiggo e is quite satisfactory, the division of the functional area is very clear. The front of the multi-function steering wheel has a 7-inch LCD instrument panel on high trim model and 3.5-inch display form lower trim models, Some models have a 9-inch touch screen in the central console, Tiggo e features a new HMI3.0 intelligent interactive system, including car wifi, voice control, car connectivity and other functions.

In terms of power, as the first new energy vehicle built by Chery New Energy T1X platform, Tiggo e is powered by a permanent magnet synchronous motor from Yaskawa, Japan, with a maximum power of 95kW (127hp), peak torque of 250Nm, and a 53.6kWh ternary lithium battery pack, the comprehensive range under NEDC working conditions is 401km, which is the same as Arrizo e.