Chery New Energy Debuted a Pure Electric SUV Tiggo e, Based on Tiggo 4, Range of 249miles


At the 2019 Shanghai International Auto Show, Chery New Energy brought a new pure electric SUV model based on the Chery New Energy T1X platform, the Tiggo e. Tiggo e will be equipped with the industry-leading Yaskawa Electric motor. The NEDC’s range is 249miles(401km), and the 0-50km/h acceleration time is only 3.9s.

The overall design of Tiggo e is based on the fuel version of Tiggo 5X (Tiggo 4 in international version), which inherits the styling concept of Tiggo’s family technology aesthetics. The most obvious difference is the replacement of the fake front grille, demonstrating its identity as a new energy vehicle.

The fast charging port is behind the front badge, the specific charging time has not been announced yet.

The headlights of Tiggo e are a halogen + lens light source, which is consistent with the fuel version Tiggo 5x (Tiggo 4).

Two-tone 5-spoke hub, 18inch is enough for this segment vehicle, For tires, the real shot model is equipped with the Margis BRAVO HP series tires, size 215/55 R18

In terms of size, it measures 435818301670mm and the wheelbase is 2630mm.

The vehicle’s slow charging socket is added to the original rear end in the right side of the vehicle. The specific charging time is unknown.

A chrome trim is added between the two taillights of Tiggo e.

In terms of interiors, Tiggo e is currently in the state of trial loading, and many details still need to be finalized. According to the vehicle on show, Tiggo e will be equipped with at least keyless entry, one-button start, electronic handbrake, knob shift, and driving mode selection.

In the power section, the Tiggo e will be equipped with a front and rear four-wheel independent suspension of the former MacPherson + rear double arm. Details of battery capacity and motor are still unknown, but we know from the Chery New Energy official that the 0-50km/h acceleration time of the Tiggo e is 3.9 seconds, and the NEDC comprehensive working range is 249miles(401km).