Huawei to make new car brand jointly with Changan Auto in 2021


Chinese online media reported that the first model under the new high-end smart car brand created by Changan, Huawei and CATL will be launched in 2021. The new car will be built based on the Ark architecture, or positioned as a mid-sized pure electric SUV, with the internal code name ” E11″.

At the Changan Automobile Brand Day held on November 14, Zhu Huarong, Chairman of Changan Automobile, said: “Changan Automobile will jointly build a new high-end smart car brand and high-end products with Huawei and CATL.” The official also released a new brand LOGO and brand new positioning, and demonstrated the “Ark” product architecture. At the same time, Zhu Huarong announced that in the next five years, Changan Automobile will release 105 models, including 23 new energy vehicles.

In addition, Zhu Huarong summarized the future forms of automobiles: mobile multifunctional spaces, large-scale intelligent terminals, data collection carriers, and energy storage units. In the next step, Changan Automobile will join hands with Huawei and CATL to create new high-end brands and products.

Judging from the latest news, Changan’s newly developed carbon fiber-aluminum alloy hybrid structure body is expected to be applied to the “E11” model to improve the lightweight performance of the body. According to another source, Changan has currently conducted an open recruitment of suppliers for the assembly assistance manipulator equipment for the E11 project.