Following VW and BMW, Changan Auto Has new Logo


In the past two years, many car brands have begun to change their LOGO. Toyota, Volkswagen, and BMW’s LOGO have all changed their styles. The details are changed to flat processing, which makes them look more high-end. In addition to these automaker big names, many Chinese brands have also replaced the brand LOGO, such as SGMW Baojun, from the previous “horse head” into a diamond shape, BAIC’s Chinese-characters-like badge has also been replaced to the letter badge, Geely LOGO is also updated.

Left one is the old Logo, the right one is Changan Auto’s new Logo

Changan Auto has also joined the ranks of Logo-changing as major brands have updated their own Logos. In recent days, Changan Automobile has updated the Logos. The overall style still maintains the original shape, the change is from the original three-dimensional shape to the flat design, and adopts all-black design elements.

Changan CS75 PLUS is the first vehicle to have the new badge

It can be seen that the new Changan brand LOGO is more succinct than the original one, it is also more high-end, and this way is the same as the previous method of Volkswagen or BMW, all of them are treated with flattening, then all black design, this design is more in line with the aesthetic taste of modern people.

However, from the current situation, because of the reason for the Chinese auto market, Changan Automobile’s sales are also very general in this year, although it still retains the sales of the first-line brand, but it has also declined.